workspace wednesday: what i do when i’m not at disneyland.

Posted on: Wednesday, October 24, 2012

It came to my attention recently that it may seem as though all I do is attend parties, drink lots of coffee, and visit Disneyland on random weekdays. (Okay, so 2/3 of those things are pretty accurate.) The truth is, I have my hand in so many different projects at all times that I’m not exactly sure what my title is! I do lots of graphic design, crafting, working for Amy, photographing, stamp-making, scrapbooking for others, writing, and yes, lots of Disneyland-ing. Each day is completely different than the last and filled with it’s own unique set of challenges and rewards. If ever my multimedia design degree (the one that I had no idea what I was going do with when I graduated) came in handy, NOW is the time. I love when things come full circle.

Here are a few of the projects I’ve completed lately:

Rebranding + redesigning Two Peas in a Bucket.

Revamping The Style Eater’s blog.

Designing stamp sets for Studio Calico, including four for October’s Roller Rink kits, three for the Darling Dear mid-release, and one for an upcoming class.

I can honestly say that when I moved back home last March after being laid off, I most definitely did not know what I was going to do (and sometimes, I still don’t!). Freelancing is a mixed bag of tricks. It’s the best because I get to work from home and not wear makeup or brush my hair or put on real clothes for days at a time (or maybe I’m just a homeless person?!). It’s also the worst because there’s so much uncertainty and self-doubt that creeps in on a daily basis. But like all things in life, if you just trust that things will work out, they almost always do. So far, so good.

Quick Disneyland trip, anyone?


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