happy place no. 003 | bookstore + lemonade

Posted on: Friday, August 2, 2013

happy place no. 003 | bookstores

When John took me to Barnes + Noble after a romantic dinner on one of our first dates, I knew he was a keeper.

happy place no. 003 | bookstores

Fast forward almost nine (?!) years later and he still knows the way to my heart. But nowadays, it’s by way of a caprese sandwich + a mini cupcake at Lemonade first ;)

happy place no. 003 | bookstores

Once we get to the bookstore, I beeline for the wedding magazines + the craft / home decor books, find a comfy spot for both us, and then sit and read until they kick us out. Oh, and the latte? A MUST.

(P.S. I am so buying that Martha Stewart book when the appropriate time rolls around. Or maybe before! I’m undecided…)

happy place no. 003 | bookstores

We are quite possibly the oldest 26 year old (un)married couple of all time, but I wouldn’t have it any other way.

  • Kory

    Yes! I’m right there with you. All bookstores make my heart jump! I love visiting different bookstores!

  • JayEssJay

    This is our favorite date, too! I curl up with craft/home decor magazines, and my husband grabs a stack of cycling magazines. I’m all for free fun!!

  • brooke lyn

    this sounds like the perfect date to me! i bet the bf and i could give you guys on oldest (un)married couple of all time and i am not even upset about :)

  • Shay

    love this & totally agree. every book reading girl needs a boy who does the same, glad to hear someone else loves to read just as much.
    xoxo a fellow 26 year old book nerd ;)

  • lindsay

    i’m pretty sure we’re sisters from another mister. My favorite place in the entire world is inside a bookstore. Whenever i’m having a bad day, I find one and spend hours there. I’ve tried to explain to others the feeling I get from the bookstore, library or from reading books, but its hard to put into words. It truly is ‘my happy place’. :)

  • Margaret

    Um, my bf and I are 21 and we do the same thing. We often feel like an old married couple, but it fits us perfectly. We’re seriously contemplating a trip around the U.S. to find the country’s best used bookstores.

  • Ashlie

    I moved to a new location and book stores are not as close as they used to be. I do love going to a nice cozy book store and curling up with a new book and some hot cocoa.

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