second trimester (thus far).

Posted on: Friday, February 28, 2014

Second Trimester (Thus Far) | Ann-Marie Loves

I’ve enjoyed being pregnant a million times more than I ever anticipated.

While the first trimester was fraught with nausea, exhaustion, food aversions, and no visible proof that a new life was beginning, the second trimester feels like the polar opposite. I pretty much have my pre-pregnancy life back (minus the wine, plus a baby bump). I have energy, I have motivation, I have an appetite. I find so much satisfaction in constantly reaching new milestones. For the first time in my life, I actually enjoy visiting the doctor. Knowing that she is really a “she” and referring to her by her name is surreal in the best way possible. I love watching my baby bump grow as the weeks pass. I’ve been able to feel her move twice (once while laying in bed and the other time while walking by a very loud parade at Disneyland) and both experiences have been incredibly awesome. I’ve given nearly all my money to Baby Gap because, gosh darn it, those clothes are what dreams are made of. I’ve gained a little bit of weight (mainly in the form of love handles…ay yi yi), but nothing too noticeable just yet. My moods have been pretty consistent, minus the occasional tearful outburst (sometimes life is just sad / frustrating / beautiful!). And most importantly, I’m more in love with my husband than I ever thought possible.

Of course, this is not to say that everything is perfect all the time. I’m plagued with heartburn on a regular basis. I’m running out of flattering clothing options, thus making me feel kind of terrible about my appearance. My acne-prone skin and perpetually oily hair are even more disastrous than usual. And worst of all, the more attached I get to this baby, the more I start to panic about all the godforsaken things that could go wrong (so THIS is what being a parent feels like). But really, these are all things that I can live with on a daily basis.

The second trimester (thus far) really is all it’s cracked up to be and I’m happy to be along for the ride.

  • Misti

    Here via Elise’s blog. I’m very new to my second trimester…while I’m feeling better there are some first trimester issues still lingering. No real bump yet, but hopefully soon!

    Thanks for the podcast list that Elise linked to, I’m always looking for new folks to listen to.

    • Ann-Marie Morris

      I hope those first trimester issues dissipate quickly for you! My bump JUST made in appearance in the middle of week 16. I’m sure yours will pop soon too! xo

  • Robyn :)

    I will be starting my 3rd trimester in a few days. My baby kicks all the time and it is so awesome.

    I did not feel good until about my 5th month :( Oh and the other day I thought to myself how nice it was that I had not gotten a pimple n awhile. The next day I had one on my chin lol

  • Laura

    I just came across your blog (via Bloglovin’ I think) and I can’t stop reading. I love your inspirational and motivational posts. Congrats on baby! Looking forward to following your journey. (I’m only 22 but so many people around me are having babies at the moment! I just get to watch and wait – I guess that’s not too bad).

  • Laura

    Can’t wait to hear her name and see the nursery/office!

  • Hometownbeautiful

    Love that bassinet! I love children’s sections in vintage stores. Simply the best!

  • jess

    Second trimester is the BEST! I’m a new follower with a little 8 month old. I loved every minute of my pregnancy and love to hear about other women’s positive experiences too! I have enjoyed perusing your archives while nursing my little guy and look forward to reading more about your journey into motherhood!!!

  • Brooke

    I love reading your posts because we are in the same stage of pregnancy! I feel ya on all fronts! It’s such an exciting journey (even without wine) and the heartburn, although fearsome, is worth it. Great job, mama!

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