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Posted on: Monday, March 3, 2014

Ann-Marie Loves

Feeling: like this is the week to make things happen! My game face is on.

Rocking: the belly band with my pants now. I can still button them, but only if I decide that breathing is not a necessity.

Agreeing: wholeheartedly with this quote.

Enjoying: the heavy rain / free car wash here in Southern California! It’s such a rarity, there’s no need for anyone to be upset. (Ellen’s bit about it at the Oscar’s….hilariously spot on).

Stumbling: upon amazing new-to-me blogs all the time! It always feels a bit like magic when that happens. Right now I can’t enough of The Makerista, Thou Swell, and Pilgrim. (What blogs are you currently loving?)

Listening: to “Happy” on repeat. If I knew about this song back in October, it SO would have been our recessional song!

Knowing for certain that Baby Gap will be the death of me. A white eyelet dress? A pink cable knit crew sweater? A turquoise printed coat? When will these clothes come in my size?

Grateful: for quality time with my mom these past few weekends. She really is the best.

Still: very much on a Parenthood bender. We just finished up season four and I have to say…it just gets better + better. (P.S. Did I tell you that I saw Joel at a local coffee shop here in Pasadena a few weeks ago? Made my LIFE.)

Craving: eggs. I’ve been eating them daily in the form of hardboiled or scrambled, although all I really want is eggs Benedict. I’ve already got a running list of all the foods that I can’t wait to reintroduce into my diet once the baby gets here.

Loving: the heck out of my handheld milk frother. I make lattes every single morning now and they are divine (if I do say so myself!).

Needing: to run to Target this afternoon to see if they have the latest issue of Domino in stock! And also, to pick up one of everything.

Excited: to read Natalie Holbrook’s forthcoming book.

Compiling: a list of all the crafty things I want to make for the baby, from quilts to nursery decor to cute little beanies. Sweet Paper Crafts and Made by Hand have been a major sources of inspiration!

Planning: a flash sale on all stamps in my shop sometime this week. Stay tuned ;)

  • Jessica Rodarte

    I enjoyed reading your list! I’d love to hear more about how you make your lattes.

  • Eilidh

    I love the new-to-you blogs you linked in this post! I’m still looking for different blogs to follow because I’m pretty new to this. Really enjoyed reading this post!


    <3 Hiya I'm new to your Blog. Found you via reading another Blog think Amy Tan.. Just want to say. I <3 reading your Blog it's so refreshing, you are so talented young Beautiful lady.. I need so much inspiration in my life and you are like a Breath of fresh air.. Congrats on your pregnancy.. I hope you don't mind sharing a bit off my life with you…. I remember my pregnancy very well only complaint it went so quickly.. I wish I had taken more photos . I am totally rubbish at taking photos .. I really suck at it!! Always look dreadful. I'm like OMG do I really look that bad, is that people see me….. I was so self conscious of the way I looked plain Jane . that I did take many.. I could kick my self as I started to get into scrap-booking few years back. I don't have many photos of my pregnancy Or of my daughter birth.. I reformatted the memory card of her Birth photos , Yes you are probably thinking what a twit, to put it nicely. Yes you are Right.. I am such a technophobic idiot . The main in the photo booth told me I need to formate the memory card to print the photos as they would not print, So I did…Aaagggghhhhhhhhh not realise it would wipe away all the photos of my water Birth and my precious first ever photos for ever.. Thank God we do have a few that were taken on a mobile phone not brilliant quality but any better than None I guess. I spent … weeks of turning the air Blue and crying tears and tears enough to have sank the titanic thousand times over.. and weeks of my other half and me arguing like cat and dog. I had asked him to set up the camera 2 months before I was due make sure you know how to use and read up on the Manuel and pack plenty of batteries.. I had been saving the last of my redundancy money to buy a digital camera. I was watching QVC one night and I was hooked in, bought the camera for £5.00. saving of £ 189. so I was Happy when it arrived we tried it out and the few random photos look great. not profession ones but way better than I had taken before .. The camera has bad association now so it does not get used… The problem was My other half usually is very good with technology unlike me. but he got complacent and did not read the manual nor did her formatted the memory card. and did not charge the camera . He so laid back, he does leave most things to last minute … When he did take the photos on the arrival of my daughters Birth the camera batteries where 34% dead… I was really annoyed with him.. But My main goal was not to stress and not let it spoil the most important time of my life.. I f he had of formatted the card in the first place there would not have been the problem .. We had to nip it in the bid, the rowing , we both accepted the Blame for the loss of the photos because it was not fair on our Beautiful daughter. I know she was only 5 months old and did not understand what we were arguing over. but even still babies still pick up on the fact mummy and daddy's voice sound different.. I love taking photos of my daughter with my mobile phone she not keen on having her photo taken and when we do manage to take it she never stands still long enough little minx.. Take loads of photos and enjoy every day of the first years because they go so FAST!!…..
    .I spent a small fortune on baby clothes, even buying a lot in the sale for her first years and to be honest it was a waist of money. she did not wear most of them. It's cold in England most the time. We only get a weeks of sun. Rains most the time. . so she didn't get to wear her pretty summer cotton dresses.. They same with her Baby Toys she had loads but did not play with most of them. Ended up giving most away to charity or family and friends I f I could do things differently I would buy most of her first years 1 -to 3 year Toys and equipment E.G fisher price jumper -roo ( a must by the way they FAB!!!! ) little tikes and ELC and the wooded bricks off Ebay.. I have bought some amazing toys and stuff off Ebay given it a good clean with Anti-bacteria spray and steam wash the things we can.. I have bought some Beautiful Baby clothes off Ebay too..I stuck my nose up when my mum told me she had won a small bundle of girls clothes off Ebay . I was like when they arrive I will say Thanks but no Thanks. I'll keep them in the wardrobe and put them in the charity bag after few months I told my other half. I'm Not putting my baby in second hand clothes.. He could not see the problem with second items .As he had been raised by his devoted catholic mum. His father walked out on his family when Eamon was age 9.. she was a seamstress and Respect to her held down 3 jobs. bought up 2 sons and paid off her mortgage single handedly with out any help off the state or her Husband.. She often bought him clothes that were from a second hand shop usually too big and she would mend them cut them up and make him clothes and the family..
    He was right I was acting like a spoilt brat, OMG I loved the clothes, my mum won they were fantastic 4 beautiful dresses shrinking violet and Polly flinders and Jillian closet dress and a skirt from next and bargain prices. I like Gap baby clothes not keen on the toddler girl clothes in the UK.. In England Jasper Conran and Matthew Williamson , and John rocha do stunning baby clothes for Debenhams but some of their clothes they come with a price take out of my price range. as I'm on a budget.. I like to get a few items for my money rather thank buying one out fit.. I have picked up some Amazing bargains..I buy clothes next size up bigger . My mum Bless her Helps me to washes them all before hand.. People say to me you keep your daughter dress beautifully… Even if I were to buy the clothes in the sale she would only get 3 or 4 items. But buying off Ebay she gets a whole wardrobe. Do you have a Next in the US??? They do stunning clothes for the family. I lovely their girls clothes esp dresses. I also buy a lot off Ebay . pumpkin patch do nice girls baby clothes on line they New Zealand, Australia company. they quite affordable too. sorry for waffling on…. All the Best!!!

  • Kevin | Thou Swell

    Thanks so much for the mention Ann Marie! So glad to have found your blog :)

  • Allison

    Big Parenthood fan! I remember seeing that you’d seen Joel on Instagram or somewhere and I was very excited. :)

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