baby bump | 25 weeks.

Posted on: Friday, April 11, 2014

Baby Bump | 25 Weeks | Ann-Marie Loves

Here’s something my pre-baby self never thought I would say: I love being pregnant.

There’s a lot of responsibility on me to keep the show running, but I am more than happy to play that role. At nearly 25 weeks, this baby is beginning to feel like a REAL baby. Not only can I feel her kicking all day long, but I can actually see her jolt my stomach! (If ever you want to kill thirty minutes straight by staring at a moving baby bump, come on over.) I feel like I’m in that sweet spot of still being able to live a normal life while simultaneously enjoying all the perks of pregnancy. Aside from intermittent bouts of heartburn, having to use the restroom every fifteen minutes, and getting tired more easily than before, I feel pretty darn good.

Baby Bump | 25 Weeks | Ann-Marie Loves

And then there’s the shopping.

I don’t know if I’ve ever known such shopping joy as I have while looking for clothes, toys, books, furniture, and all kinds of gear for this tiny little person growing inside of me. I’ve loved being able to share this experience not only with John, but with my mom as well. She is beyond excited about adding a little one to the family and has been incredibly giving. Every time I see her, she has a new outfit or toy or book that she picked up for her granddaughter, “just because.”

Baby Bump | 25 Weeks | Ann-Marie Loves

Striped Dress by Old Navy

These past couple days have been spent putting together my baby registry, which like all baby shopping, is so much fun. I’ve been turning to my favorite new mamas for their sage advice about what I should buy vs. what I don’t need. Never in a million years did I think I would be so excited about bottles and burp cloths and Bumbo seats!

Every chapter of life has it’s perks, but this one seems to be especially sweet.

  • Aileen

    That top photo is beautiful! Is that window in your apartment? If it is I’m beyond jealous. Just remembered I need to email you about those little baby shoes. Next week, promise! :)

    • Ann-Marie Morris

      Hi Aileen! Yes, that’s the window in our living room and I must admit, it totally sold me on this place. Love having plentiful natural light! Take your time on the shoes…we’re in no rush! :)

  • angie

    love this post! lookin great!

  • Renae

    Wow! Aileen is right!! What an awesome window… probably gets killer natural light. Just wanted to say, I’ve always been super inspired by you. (Everything you do is super rad!) Your excitement about having a baby and being pregnant is seriously rubbing off on me – all the way across the internet! I keep spotting awesome baby stuff when I’ve been thrifting and feel so sad to walk away from it – someday :)

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