workspace wednesday | inspired by everything.

Posted on: Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Workspace Wednesday | Inspired by Everything | Ann-Marie Loves

Lately I’ve been bursting at the seams with inspiration + ideas. I’m inspired by:

– My BFF’s new Silver Lake apartment (oh, how I wish she had a blog…she’s a DIY queen!).
– Thrifting for cutting boards to hang in aforementioned BFF’s kitchen. I love thrifting for other people!
Instagram! Somedays it’s just scroll, scroll, scroll without anything grabbing my attention, but recently, it’s been taking me an hour to get from the top to the bottom because I have to stare at every single photo for a solid minute! (And then screenshot it, of course.)
– Jordan Ferney’s thoughts on decorating, via Cup of Jo.
– Everything on my Little Ones board.
This quote, which totally speaks to my unnecessarily competitive self.
– And many other things!

Workspace Wednesday | Inspired by Everything | Ann-Marie Loves

Setting up shop on my parents’ dining room table.

I spent Easter weekend at home with my parents and of course, brought all the usual suspects: pajamas, my hair brush, and a giant bag of thrifted yarn + my loom. (You know, the essentials.) In the short time I was there, I managed to bust out three new woven wall hangings (and it don’t stop…), several yarn tassels, and a couple of tutorials to work into my blog post queue! I’m a big believer in acting on your creative impulses whenever possible. If something is inspiring you, drop everything and follow your muse! There’s so much to be said about what can be accomplished in a very short amount of time when you’re genuinely thrilled to work on a project.

And when it comes to crafting / thrifting / ‘gramming / pinning / photographing / and just about any other creative endeavor, the thrill is most certainly genuine.

  • Adrienne

    I love your wall hangings. I really want to make something like that to add more color to my apartment.

    I’ve been going through a similar phase, I just love everything right now and can’t get to it fast enough.


  • lee

    I totally appreciate your comment about dropping everything to follow your muse. I think my husband sometimes gets frustrated by the big chunks of time I can spend doing things – be it photo editing, making cards, scrapbooking, whatever – but if I’m in the flow, I want to honor and take advantage of that!

  • Linda

    I love the colors in that wall hanging. So gorgeous. Would you ever consider writing an e-course or doing a tutorial on how you knit beanies? It seems like you’d mentioned something about making them over on instagram and how easy they are. Would you share?? I can knit, but I just do better if I have some sort of guideline for what I’m making. :) And I’d gladly pay for directions!

  • Karissa

    I love that you love to thrift for others because I totally do too! I even blogged about it!

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