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Posted on: Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Pregnancy Essentials | Ann-Marie Loves Searching the interwebs for baby items is easily my new favorite hobby, but when it comes to putting together a registry? Definitely a bit trickier. Instead of creating registries with several different stores, I went with instead. Think of it like Pinterest for registries: you install a bookmarklet into your toolbar and whenever you spot something on any website, you add it to your list the same way you would pin something to a board. Super easy. I’ve been using my registry not only as a resource for my shower guests, but also as a checklist for me to see what I still need to buy.

Tracy Anderson: The Pregnancy Project. Walking has been my preferred form of exercise over these past several months, but as the temperatures have begun to rise (sometimes over 100 degrees!), there’s no way I want to leave the comforts of my air conditioned home. That’s when I pop in one of Tracy Anderson’s workout DVD’s and squeeze exercise in without having to leave the house (or more importantly, put on a shirt). The collection comes with nine different workouts: one for each month of pregnancy.

Gap Maternity Supersoft Leggings. If I could only recommend a single item of maternity wear, it would be these Gap leggings. I ordered them online back in February when I barely had a bump and they fit perfectly. Fast forward to almost-June and a much more prominent bump and they still fit like a dream. I wear them constantly and will probably continue to wear them long after the baby arrives! (P.S. I also love the heck out this striped dress and this incredibly comfortable tank top!)

Pinterest. I know, I know. I’m a little bit obsessed. But honestly, I can’t think of a life event that doesn’t deserve it’s own Pinterest board! I have two boards dedicated to all things baby. The Little Ones board is public and houses all the cute baby clothes and nurseries that inspire me. The private one is a little bit more personal as it’s where I keep links to potential baby shower dresses, articles on parenting, and other things that I don’t necessarily want in my public feed (tips on breastfeeding, anyone?). I would be lost without my pins…

BabyCenter. As soon as I found out I was pregnant, I downloaded the BabyCenter app to my phone and have turned to it on many different occasions. Every Saturday morning, I wake up to a new update on the baby’s growth and development and it’s so fun to celebrate each and every milestone, as she goes from a poppy seed to a watermelon (don’t you love the obscure food references? Ha!).

Thrift stores. As much as I love Baby Gap and Giggle and Land of Nod, I can’t afford to buy everything at full retail price. So in the meantime, I turn to my other favorite shopping experience: thrifting! Through several trips to my favorite thrift stores, I’ve been able to collect a glider, a play mat, a rocker, a handful of beautiful handmade blankets, nursery decor, and a closet full of insanely cute clothes, all purchased for a fraction of the original cost!

Advice from moms. No matter how many books I read or websites I consult, nothing compares to the tried-and-true advice of moms who have been through this before me. I’ve been turning to all my new and seasoned mama friends as well as my own mom for their golden nuggets of wisdom. I’ve also really enjoyed reading different bloggers’ honest perspectives, including Cup of Jo’s guide to pregnancy survival, The Sprouted Kitchen’s letter to her unborn son (and all her posts, really!), Elise’s take on pregnancy, Emily Henderson’s video series, and so many others.

Honorable Mentions: a good camera (or iPhone!) for documenting growing baby bumps, a doctor who I feel completely comfortable with, Trader Joe’s for satisfying all my cravings (biscuits! strawberries! watermelon! meat?!), and an incredibly patient, giving, supportive, loving, happy husband who has made this experience a million times better than I could have ever imagined.

What are your pregnancy essentials?


  • Maria |

    Thank you for these great tips ♥ Maybe one day I’ll need them again :-)

    Greetings from Germany

  • Heather

    Great list, Ann-Marie! I’m just entering my 2nd trimester and I’m wondering if you have any pregnancy/newborn book recommendations. Some of the books I’ve read reviews for seem to fall along the lines of worst-case-scenario literature versus helpful information. Would love to hear which books you’ve found helpful and not fear-inducing!

    • Ann-Marie Morris

      Hi Heather! Congratulations to you! I totally know what you mean about most pregnancy books erring on the side of worst case scenarios…it’s terrible! In terms of happier books, I’m currently reading Bringing Up Bebe (a super fun read!) and Babywise (a sleep training method that was recommended to me by several moms). I’ve also heard that “Great with Child” is another wonderful, upbeat book. Hope these help! xo

  • Angie

    My favorite obscure food references so far: rutabaga (what the heck is that!?) and green onion (Abby’s current size). Where do they come up with these things?

    • Ann-Marie Morris

      HAHA! You could tell that they realized mid-way through the naming process that forty weeks is A LOT of fruit and vegetables! 31 weeks is four navel oranges…ha!

  • Vanessa

    I would recommend Dr Sears baby book. He’s more hippie in his approach, and I did end up using formula after a few months, BUT he has some sound advice and diagrams for how to take care of your new baby. Also ‘Great with Child’ had me bawling during my pregnancy. SUCH a good book.

    This was also a cool app for visualizing your baby’s development –

    You have a great list already though!

  • chaya

    Hi Nina,

    I hope you are well.

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    We wanted to invite you to become a PishPosh Baby affiliate. We work through the Shareasale company and offer a wopping 6% commission on all referred orders. Our affiliates do really well with us and we’d love to see you do the same.

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