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Posted on: Wednesday, June 11, 2014

How to Write a Blog Post in a Pinch | Ann-Marie Loves

Whenever I find myself fishing for blog post ideas (or in my case, at 11pm on a Tuesday night after returning from a three-hour childbirth prep class to an overheated home and wondering what in the world I could possibly write about in the shortest amount of time possible because I am dying to take a cold shower and hop into bed and catch up on Instagram until my eyes close), the solution is almost always a list of journaling prompts. Not only are these kinds of posts quick and easy to put together, but they’re so much fun to write! (Seriously, if I could structure my whole blog around this format of writing, I would be one happy camper.) I found this particular set of prompts by way of Designlovefest and Bleubird and couldn’t resist putting my own spin on them:

Eating: watermelon, peaches, and strawberries. Oh, and graham crackers with chocolate frosting.

Drinking: water, water, and more water (but wishing it was wine, wine, and more wine).

Practicing: calligraphy! It’s kind of tedious, but I kind of love it. (I’ll share photos soon!)

Mastering: the art of sleeping while someone does nonstop somersaults in my stomach all night long. It’s the very best kind of sleep disturbance.

Learning: how to pop out a baby and subsequently take care of it. Thank goodness for baby classes! We’re finding out just how little we actually know about tiny humans.

Trying: to walk or do a Tracy Anderson workout video most days of the week. Keyword: trying.

Playing: The JV Club (if I want to laugh) or Tara Brach (if I want to relax) on my iPhone while I clean the house.

Finishing: up insurance-related tasks that I’ve been putting off for quite sometime. Gosh, being an adult is so not fun sometimes. Nor is it cheap.

Reading: Great with Child, Bringing Up Bébé, and all the People magazine issues that my mom sends home with me.

Remembering: that I have a hair appointment this week! Woohoo! I’m thinking of going Kerri Strug circa 1996 now that I’m about to become a mom. Not really. But maybe?

Wearing: Gap leggings and a sports bra. Occasionally a shirt.

Cooking: little to nothing, with the exception of oatmeal in the morning.

Working: hard now so I can work less hard later.

Traveling: around town in my new car! Feels good to have a safe set of wheels.

Wanting: a more reliable internet connection (ours is less than stellar). To know the secret to affording a child (let alone multiple children…?!). To give back to all those who have given so much to me (I’m looking at YOU, Mom and Dad). And most pressingly, to climb into bed next to my sleeping husband, surround myself with pillows and two fans, and revel in the fact that I am SO LUCKY. In spite of crappy internet service and exorbitant health insurance costs and the fact that I am sweating well into the midnight hour, my life is overflowing with joy and love. So really, no complaints here.

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