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Posted on: Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Mom Style | Ann-Marie Loves

As I get closer and closer to becoming a real live mom, I’ve noticed my style morphing ever so slightly. While I’m certainly not at the point of mom jeans just yet, I have been favoring comfort and practicality over anything too fussy or time-consuming these days. But at the same time, I’m not quite ready to forgo my pre-baby style entirely! Last week I had bangs chopped for the first time in a few years and it makes me feel like a brand new person. The rest of my hair is still long enough to throw in a top knot because really, who wants to spend extra time blow-drying their hair? Not this gal.

Mom Style | Ann-Marie Loves

I’ve also been giving into maternity clothes more and more, because frankly, I am running out of wardrobe options and I do need to leave the house and interact with society every once in awhile. Plus, maternity clothes are the comfiest things EVER. We’re talking stretch, stretch, and more stretch…what’s not to love about that? I’ve been wearing this pink + white super soft nightgown┬áto bed and thanks to it’s┬ánursing-friendly straps, it will continue to get plenty of mileage long after the baby arrives. I’m also loving my black + white striped dress that I plan to wear to my second shower. But! I still like to spice things up with regular clothes too! For example, this white denim vest from Target is in heavy rotation since it doesn’t require any buttoning or zipping and hides…umm…”pregnancy softness?” (read: BACK FAT), like a champ.

Mom Style | Ann-Marie Loves

And as for footwear, I am ALL about the Birks these days. They are quite possibly the ugliest shoes I have ever owned and definitely the biggest size I have ever worn (thanks to my perma-swollen feet), but my goodness, they are so comfortable and require no bending down to put them on. Now that’s a win if ever I’ve heard of one!

  • Melissa

    Hiding back fat! Yes! Thanks for saying that :) I’m constantly adding a short sleeved cardigan to all my outfits for that very same reason. (I’m so ready to not be preggers anymore, that’s for sure.)

    Also, I just bought my very first pair of birkenstocks last week and have been wearing them constantly. I never imagined myself in birks…but what do you know? They’re comfy and I like them!

  • Katie Pritchard

    Your bangs are ADORABLE! I love them. Good choice :)

  • Patty Bonomo

    Missy, you need to go try on some FitFlops, also possibly know as unattractive as well. They are by far THE MOST comfortable shoes, ever! I have 4 pairs that I trade off daily. Can go to Nordstrom and pay full price or on their website. Check out the TONS they have for 50% off at the Nordstrom Rack! Some a little blingy but wonderfully comfy! I take an 8.5 but fit into a size 8 in the Fitflop brand as they run a little big. I’ve purchased most of mine from ebay and amazon. You’ll never wear Birkenstocks again!

  • Red

    Haha, I can relate to this! Got my first (white!) birkenstocks last week and i’m all about vests in different shapes and forms. Less than three weeks till due date and sooo ready to meet our baby girl. Good luck to you these coming weeks too!

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