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Posted on: Monday, June 30, 2014

Ann-Marie + John Espinoza | Photo by Sorella Muse

Photo by Sorella Muse

After a crazy month of being gone every single weekend, John and I have created a self-imposed rule that we are going to stay as local as possible until this baby of ours decides to make an appearance. We have grand plans of:

– Sleeping!

– Learning how to install the car seat properly.

– Marathoning Veep.

– Cleaning out the garage. And the closets. And the cabinets. And everywhere else in our house.

– Picking up the remaining items on our list (namely the Ergo!).

– Marveling at how ridiculously dark my hair is and how unbelievably swollen my feet have become! (What is happening?!)

– Feeling the baby kick (I know I’m going to miss this so much!).

– Rereading all of our notes from the baby classes we recently took.

– Sleeping some more.

– Trying to convince ourselves that we are ready to take care of a tiny human.

– Decorating + redecorating the nursery AT LEAST five more times.

– Packing our hospital bag (any essentials I need to bring, moms?).

– Taking the last few weekly bump shots.

– Writing more letters to our daughter.

– Enjoying every minute of time as a twosome. After ten years together, we are so ready to bring another person into the mix!

– Did I mention we will be sleeping?

  • Melissa Marie

    Adorable picture! I love your skirt! :) Where is it from?

  • Erin

    Love the post. In case you didn’t know, you can contact you local CHP office and set up an appointment time to have their Child Saftey Restraint Officer install the car seat properly for you. The officer will show you how to figure out the best placement in your vehicle and how to secure it properly. Each Child Saftey Restraint Officer has been through the required 40 hour training course and are very knowledgeable in this area.

  • Robyn :)

    Bring your own pillow or pillows because hospital ones are not that great lol.

  • Marina @ Heartmix

    I would highly suggest a ring sling for when baby is super little. The ergo will be too big initially but a rs is good for even tiny squishes. :) Sakura bloom is good or a wrap conversion ring sling. Laura brown is doing a class at earth baby boutique in Sherman oaks on July 11. Love your updates on baby :)

  • Margaret

    Good call on the Ergo! I finally got one with my third babe and it is by far the best baby purchase I’ve ever made–there is also an infant insert for the Ergo so you can put squishy newborns in it. As for the hospital, make sure you have a light weight robe (Target has soft light weight jersey ones), hair ties (and a cute headband), and a really good pair of socks.

  • Aileen@AtHomeinLove

    Love this photo! Definitely get some good sleep…

    I’m obsessed with your nursery!!!

  • Katie

    It’s getting so close! So excited for you guys!

  • lee

    I am not a mom…but one thing that many of my mom friends have said they are glad they took to the hospital is a bath sheet or beach towel…that the larger towels from home were so much better than what is available at the hospital.

  • kiah

    Love this Ann-Marie! So excited to see photo’s of your little girl :)

  • Sara Fonacier

    Ditto what’s already been said on contacting the CHP to show you how to install the car seat correctly. The stats on number of car seats installed incorrectly is something crazy…, something like 70% are done incorrectly. As for hospital bag, make sure you don’t forget any daily medications that you may need… I take allergy pills daily and was without mine in the hospital and miserable. You would think it would be easy to get being as you are in a hospital, but you have to get approved by the doctor, and get a prescription and blah blah blah meanwhile I am scratching my skin off! Also, Noah came down with an infection, and we ended up staying in the hospital longer than expected, so just don’t assume you will only be there 2 days and that having back up things like clothes, etc. can be helpful. Lastly, if you have a breast feeding pillow, you may want to consider bringing it as it is much easier than propping hospital pillows all around you especially when you are just trying to learn to breast feed!

  • kercia

    this is the loveliest photograph!

  • Melissa

    I’ve actually been thinking of writing a post of hospital bag essentials! Some of the things I found helpful: a short comfortable robe, loose fitting yoga pants (unless you want to wear the hospital gown the entire time), your fully charged camera (obviously), nipple cream if you’re planning on nursing, and a hair dryer! (my hospital did not provide one and I hated having sopping hair in the cold AC hospital room.

  • KateT

    Having had a long stay in hospital with my 1st child, for the next I packed a second larger bag that I left at home with extra clothes, underwear and sanitary products in. It was much easier for OH to just go to that bag and get me the things I wanted than to turn out all the drawers. Subsequent stays in hospital were much easier and it made it less stressful. Good luck!

  • Katie

    We just welcomed our first child, a baby girl, seven weeks ago. This may sound funny, but buy some cute inexpensive full-cut undies to pack in your hospital bag and for the weeks after. That way, you feel a little bit more together, and if they get yucky, you can throw them out without feeling guilty. Also, make sure to pack moisturizing lip balm – that hospital air can be so drying! And I second the advice to plan for a longer stay, just in case :)

  • meg

    Been a while since I packed a bag, but working in a hospital I can say chopstick, a water bottle you love and lotion. Also slippers or even better slipper socks!

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