as of late | february edition.

Posted on: Tuesday, February 3, 2015

As of Late | February Edition | Ann-Marie Loves

Reading The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up after a big move and feeling inspired to part with half of our belongings. Insta-sale, anyone?

Loving my new wash-and-go haircut. Getting ready in the morning has never been easier!

Watching Briar sleep in her own bed in her own room (at last!), thanks to the magic of video monitors. Even though the night vision is a little (okay, a lot) creepy-looking, I sleep better knowing I can see her sleep better with the click of a button.

Thinking that this is the greatest gift a child could give their parent.

Enjoying this unseasonably warm (even for Southern California) winter. It always feels good to roll the windows down in the middle of January.

Already dreaming of the day I get to decorate a big girl room for Briar. How amazing is this room by Joni of Lay Baby Lay?

Looking forward to Valentine’s Day! Sure, it’s a made-up card holiday, but it’s a holiday nonetheless!

Feeling better and better now that I’ve rejoined the gym and can take my favorite Zumba classes again!

Wishing this insanely cute dress came in my size!

Wanting to try out this edamame guacamole dip.

Spending waaaaay too much time on my phone these days. I need to hide my iPhone from myself…

Mourning the end of my favorite TV show of all time, Parenthood. Anytime I want to feel all the feelings, I’ll re-watch the finale. Holy moly, what an ending.

Thinking that I will never tire of “Uptown Funk.” I said the same thing about “Treasure” and I could still listen to that song on repeat (number 20 would probably agree).

Putting my 2015 printable calendar and holiday stamp digital brushes on deep discount!

  • Heather Mason

    Yes, the night vision is so creepy. It’s like something straight out of a horror movie! The one time i watched Noah sleeping at night he looked like a baby monster.

    Soo sad parenthood is over. I need a new activity to occupy my Thursday nights with now.

  • Catherine

    I’m totally reading that Japanese tidying book, too and I did a MAJOR closet overhaul in one morning. I boxed up everything and stuck it in the basement. I figure I’ll check it out when the snow thaws and I’m in need of shorts again. But seriously, I think I’m sleeping better since doing it.

  • Sammy

    so I finally watched Parenthood and sobbed the whole episode!!!!
    it took me a minute to figure out everyone’s life at the end.

    binge watching it all over again? I THINK SO! haha I’m going to miss it so much

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