bedside basket for baby.

Posted on: Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Bedside Basket for Baby | Ann-Marie Loves

Before I had Briar, I made a huge checklist of all things I needed to purchase and pull together prior to her arrival. There was a crib to assemble. A closet to organize. A car seat to install. A diaper bag to pack. These were all necessities, of course, but the most useful things came as a result of living with a nocturnal, ever-hungry, spit-up baby.

Case in point: the bedside basket.

Bedside Basket for Baby | Ann-Marie Loves

When Briar was a newborn and I had to wake her every 2-3 hours for a feeding, I was a bit of a zombie. I savored any amount of sleep I could get, which often meant we kept weird hours in bed (think late nights and early afternoons…!). As a result, the only way I was able to get up for 3 am feedings was knowing that I had a tasty snack waiting for me…Lara bars and apples were a mainstay. I quickly realized that not only was it handy to have these nearby for late night energy, but they were great to have by my bed for a breakfast snack in the morning (er, early afternoon). I also stashed a handful of burp rags, a few diapers, an extra swaddle blanket, and 5 million pacifiers in the basket as well.

Bedside Basket for Baby | Ann-Marie Loves

Now that she’s six months old and sleeps in her own room (but comes in our room for feedings), the basket contents have slightly changed. These days I keep a video monitor, a couple of quiet(ish) books and toys for entertaining her while I try to sneak in a little extra sleep in the morning, a burp rag or two, a few diapers, a nose bulb, and of course, a small stash of pacifiers. It’s so great having all the essentials corralled nicely within arm’s reach.

Bedside Basket for Baby | Ann-Marie Loves

Getting out of bed is overrated.

  • victoria

    Where did you get your ring dish! A dear friend of mine bought me the exact one but it broke recently and I would love to replace it!

  • Crickit

    This is a GREAT idea! Briar is a beauty… Hooe to meet her one day soon! ❤️

  • Helena

    This looks like something I could do with at the moment and I totally understand the whole morning = early afternoon routine. I am sure my baby is positively nocturnal and maybe we should have named her after a character from Twilight. Add to this not being able to drive for 6 weeks and the next door neighbour addicted to the drill et voila that’s what I am going through. She is adorable though and our little princess who is currently sleeping as I write.

  • Miranda

    It’s so fun to see your sweet baby posts! And isn’t Brimful one of the most beautiful shops around? Our daughters were born just one week apart. So fun. Also, have you heard of the NoseFrida? I like it 100 times better than the bulb.

    Ps. I know we’re not friends in real-life or anything, but I saw this today and totally thought of your Briar.—3-years%29/dresses/striped-printed-dress-c358108p2528066.html

    • Ann-Marie Morris

      Umm…we totally should be friends in real life! That dress is SO Briar! I’m touched that you thought of us :)

      How fun to hear our daughters are so close in age! I have heard great things about NoseFrieda, but I haven’t invested just yet. Will have to add that to my list for my next Target run. Thanks for sharing! xo

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