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Posted on: Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Favorite Podcasts | Ann-Marie Loves

It seems as though there’s been a sudden wave of new podcasts to hit the scene (or maybe I’ve just gotten better at finding them?) and I LOVE it. Podcasts are my jam. They keep me company while I’m driving, walking, washing dishes, or doing any other activity that allows me to zone out for a bit.

Here are my favorite podcasts that I turn to time and time again:

Business / Creative

The Lively Show
Elise Gets Crafty
One Part Podcast
Raise Your Hand, Say Yes
After the Jump
Being Boss
Smart Passive Income
With Purpose
Accidental Creative
Our Style Stories


Joy the Baker
Girl Next Door
The Art of Simple
The JV Club
Here’s the Thing

Spiritual / Personal Growth

Tara Brach
Sarah R. Bagley
Tranquility Du Jour
The Wellness Wonderland

Narrative / Human Interest

This American Life


The Longest Shortest Time


How Did This Get Made?

I’ve been kicking around the idea of starting my own podcast for quite some time and I’m thinking 2015 is the perfect year to set that plan in motion. We’ll see how it goes!

P.S. Any good shows that I’m missing? Do tell!

  • Amanda Kessner

    My friend and I are starting a podcast about birth called The Belly Cast – coming soon!! We’d love to interview you!

  • Jess Lively

    Thank you so much for sharing The Lively Show with these other great podcasts. : ) I’m glad you are enjoying it!


  • Traci

    Thank you for these suggestions! I’m so into podcasts right now and have just discovered a handful of new ones to try. Some of my favorites include: Happier with Gretchen Rubin (it’s new), The Chalene Show, Strangers No More, and A Way With Words. Check some of those out, too!

  • Brandie

    I’m a fan of several of these (here’s the thing, longest shortest time, and serial are all favorites) and I will definitely be checking out some of the others you mentioned. For you, I would recommend death, sex and money with Anna Sale.

  • Cameron Hernandez

    A few I would recommend would be Michael Hyatt, Dan Miller/48 Days, and The Paperclipping Roundtable. The two on your list that I have been listening to a lot are Smart Passive Income and Elise Gets Crafty. How do you have time to listen to so many. I am behind on just the few I listen to.

  • Ashley

    Spilled Milk!

  • Jenn

    My business/creative & narrative/ lists look almost identical to yours! I’ve heard of a couple of the other ones. Podcasts are great. I’ve been listening mostly when I run, though sometimes I wish I was sitting down with a notepad listening because there is SO MUCH great info being shared.

    I’d tune in if you started a podcast :)

  • Jenn v

    I love this list and hope to check a few of them out! A new motherhood favorite of mine is called the postpartum podcast by Kellie Edson. I think any new mom would like it. :)

  • Julie

    Call Your Girlfriend is a must!

  • Sammy

    so excited to listen to some of these!
    that’s how I found Jess Lively and I love listening to hers.

    these are one of my favorite posts of yours haha

  • Marta

    I would LOVE you to have a podcast. You have some great qualities for making a good one!
    Crossing fingers here! :)
    Thank you for sharing your list!

  • Brandie

    I have just started listening to Criminal. its like a mixture of this american life and serial. you should check it out.

  • tiffany han

    Ah! I’m honored to be included in such an amazing list, and I’m so glad to hear that you’re a fan of the show! Thank you, thank you.

    And I love your episodes with Elise! You’d be a great host.

  • sarah alves

    Dear Sugar! It’s got Cheryl Strayed (who wrote Wild) and Steve Almond. It’s like Dear Abby but sooooooooo much more thought provoking and honest. I think you would like it!

  • Sydney

    The Creative Start podcast is one I’m loving these days!

  • Kelsey

    Thank you so much for including The Girl Next Door Podcast! We have so much fun producing it. One of my all-time favorite podcasts is Spilled Milk and more recently I’ve been loving Poetry Off the Shelf and On Being. I’d also second the Postpartum Podcast.

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  • Lauren

    Being a total history nerd, one of my favorites is “Stuff you Missed in History Class.” When I am cleaning I pop my headphones in and listen for hours.

  • Nicole

    I have been obsessed with PsychoBabble by Tyler Oakley. It is definitely inappropriate, but absolutely hilarious if you are into that type of comedy. Hope you like it…you will be addicted if so!

  • Katie

    Amazing list! Checking these out as we speak…

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