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Posted on: Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Baby-Safe Corner | Ann-Marie Loves

You want to know what Briar loves more than anything? Wires. Doggie doors. Hanging off the edge of the bed. Putting shoes in her mouth. You name a dangerous situation and I can guarantee Briar is a fan. In fact, I feel like I spend most of my days hiding things from her (“let’s not eat the baby monitor”) or picking her up and moving her to a safer spot (which buys me, oh, five seconds of free time before the cycle repeats). Needless to say, the girl is fearless and I am…exhausted. Ha!

Baby-Safe Corner | Ann-Marie Loves

So the other day, as we were strolling the aisles of Target, I spotted this white shag rug and realized it would be perfect for creating a safe spot in my bedroom for Briar to play on. Since we spend a good chunk of time in there everyday, between feedings, snuggling, reading books, and hanging out while I get ready, it was about time that I made it more baby-friendly. I laid out the rug by my side of the bed and gathered together a basket of books and toys as well as a tall canvas bag filled with blankets and a few stuffed animals. I already had a bedside basket of immediate essentials, so the combination of the three containers plus the super plush rug made the space extra inviting for an inquisitive eight month old.

Baby-Safe Corner | Ann-Marie Loves

While she’s still on the prowl for the electrical outlets or the sharp corners in the room (#lordhelpme), this new Briar-safe space is definitely helping to keep her distracted!

  • Katie

    I had my Hubs and Dad make me a tiny white picket fence that creates a super-cute but ultra-safe living room area! I saw what I wanted on Pinterest, but it was way more than I could spend… thank goodness I’m married to (and the daughter of) a carpenter! We can take the fence apart easily and move sections around, and it’s the cutest playpen I’ve ever seen.

    Now: if I can just keep him from launching himself off the couch.

    Have fun keeping Briar away from hair-raising situations!!! :-D

  • Heather Mason

    How does she feel about sticks? Noah’s favorite toys are sticks. Especially sticks he can dip in pond water and then lick.

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