as of late | april edition.

Posted on: Tuesday, April 12, 2016

As of Late | April Edition.

The story of Briar’s life.

Seriously loving this DIY from Almost Makes Perfect. I love every DIY that Molly makes, but this one is really inspiring me to buy some wood and paint!

Laughing at all the funny things that Briar says these days. She used to call my brother by his first name but has since switched to calling him “Uncle.” She also adds the word “yay!” to things she’s excited about and repeats the phrase over and over again in a sing-songy manner, such as “bubbles! yay! bubbles! yay!” And last night as I was reading her a few stories in bed, I would ask her if she was ready for the next book and she would repeat “weddy?” Ahh, she kills me.

Enjoying my shorter hairstyle! I have a serious aversion to styling my hair everyday (god forbid I have to break out the blow dryer), so to be able to air dry, spritz with a little styling cream and a generous amount of dry shampoo (this one is my new fave!), and then quickly add loose waves with a large curling iron…well, it’s kind of a dream come true.

Feeling so sad for Tori Hendrix and her family. I have been closely following Tori for years and have looked up to her not only as an amazing stylist and creative but also as a mother. In fact, I talk about her so much that John knows exactly whom I’m referring to when I mention “Tori” casually in conversation. I’m really, really, really hoping for a miracle!

Editing most of my DSLR photos in Lightroom now with VSCO actions and feeling like it’s such a game changer to my workflow! I can only use Lightroom on our desktop (my poor laptop can barely accommodate one more megabyte!) so I don’t edit as much as I would like to, but when I do? I’m in heaven.

Barely into my second trimester and I’m already picking out pieces here and there for baby number two. We won’t find out the sex for another month so I’m stocking up on cute neutrals, including this black + white striped hooded one-piece and these cactus-patterned clothes! Oh em gee, I forgot how tiny newborn clothes are!

Trying to remember to take weekly bump photos but I’m def not as consistent about it as I was with Briar. Whoops!

Hanging out with some of my favorite Pasadena people, including brunch with my former landlord and her adorable little ones (sounds crazy, right?). Here’s the backstory: She and her husband had just taken over the management of our complex before John and I put in our notice to leave, but I always had a feeling that she and I would have hit it off. Fast forward a few months and as I’m browsing through Pinterest, I see photos of her and and her daughter modeling for Solly Baby wraps. That’s when I knew: she is my kind of people! So I e-mailed her and basically asked her to be my friend and she told me she felt the same way and now we go on lunch dates with our kiddos! How’s that for a friendship meet-cute?

Delighting in the sight of Briar wearing her pink duck pajamas. The girl is obsessed with anything duck-related these days, so when I spotted the jammies at Baby Gap, I knew I had no choice but to buy them.

Beginning to feel subtle baby kicks! So exciting! Also, I’m 99% positive that there’s a boy in there and I’m 99% terrified about it.

Rocking maternity clothes already and feeling no shame whatsoever! This striped dress from Target is getting plenty of mileage.

Pinning all the time again! I go through phases with Pinterest where my interest in it ebbs and flows and right now it is definitely flowing!

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