as of late | june edition.

Posted on: Monday, June 20, 2016

As of Late | June Edition

Loving these videos from Claire Zinnecker. I’ve been following her on Instagram for years, so it was a treat to find her new series!

Spending almost everyday in the pool with my little fish.

Living in dresses these days. I recently went on a bit of a late night shopping spree at Pink Blush Maternity and love everything I bought.

Speaking of shopping, I’ve been hitting the mother-lode with boy clothes + toys! I went thrifting for the first time in a long time last week and found some adorable pieces.

Going back and forth over middle names. Boys are way harder to name than girls are! (P.S. I don’t have a middle name.)

Drinking orange juice like it’s going out of style¬† (lord help me pass my glucose test in a few weeks…! Yikes.).

Hearing this episode of the Pregnancy Perfect podcast with C. Jane Kendrick and then immediately doing a deep dive into her blog. I love her voice and unconventional perspective on life.

Putting together a scrapbook for my little guy. It started out of guilt (“I made one for Briar, I should probably make one for the baby”) and then quickly turned into a super fun creative outlet for me. Every chance I get, I sit down and work on new pages for it!

Pinning like a crazy person again. Every time I make enough space on my phone to download the app, my pinning output shoots through the roof.

Listening to the Unruffled podcast nonstop these days. I am learning a ton about the mysterious behavior of toddlers!

Feeling so psyched to have snagged this neon heart light from Oh Joy on clearance at Target. Now I’m on the hunt for this pink + gold heart ottoman to complete the look!

Rereading Bloom by Kelle Hampton. You guys, it’s so good.

Writing this whole blog post from the waiting room at my doctor’s office – ha! Gotta make these free moments count.

  • sarah alves

    I loved Pink Blush when I was pregnant last fall!

  • Tess R.

    The Pink Blush dresses are so lovely, but I ended up not ordering any because they all had to be hand washed. How do you clean yours? I’m just far too lazy for things that can’t be washed by machine.

    • Ann-Marie Morris

      Oh, I’m definitely not hand washing anything! I have three dresses that have been through the washing machine a handful of times (and then line dried) and they are in great condition.

  • Marina

    I love orange juice but during both pregnancies (and since then) I’ve opted for TONS of oranges since the sugar content is less concentrated and whole fruit contains fiber. ;) Loving your new boy scrapbook btw! =)

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