as of late | august edition.

Posted on: Tuesday, August 9, 2016

As of Late: August Edition | Ann-Marie Loves

Trying to wrap my brain around the fact that I have a TWO YEAR OLD. What in the world.

Watching the Olympics every chance I get! I really hope Los Angeles wins the bid for the 2024 games so that we can try to get tickets!

Wishing I could buy the whole Cat & Jack collection for babies at Target! I’ve already snagged a set of baby boy socks,¬†fox pants, and this¬†colorful cape for Briar, but I kind of want it all!

Buying lots of these applesauce squeeze pouches for Briar but finding myself eating just as many as she does! They’re so good on a hot day, especially when refrigerated.

Discovering new-to-me blogs and really loving The Merrythought! Gorgeous photos + killer DIY ideas.

Beginning to feel the scramble to get everything ready for baby. It’s an exciting madness but a madness, nonetheless.

Loving the One Part Podcast interview with Laura Miller of “Raw. Vegan. Not Gross.” fame.

Getting excited for the holiday season. This is the time of year that always feels like it drags on for-e-ver, but once we’re over the summer hump, the next few months fly by!

Enjoying my full nights of sleep while I still can. Here’s hoping baby number two likes to sleep. A LOT.

Digging the new Stories feature on Instagram! I have no idea what will become of Snapchat but I’m along for the ride.

Wanting to try these five recipes using only $10 worth of ingredients from Trader Joe’s. They all look so easy and delicious!

Looking forward to my 32 week ultrasound this week. I have a strong suspicion that he might be sideways (yikes!) so I hope I’m proven wrong!

Camping out in air conditioned spaces as much as possible. Whose idea was it to be super pregnant in the dead of summer??





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