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Posted on: Thursday, March 23, 2017

Favorite YouTube Channels | Ann-Marie Loves

I’ve become quite the YouTube watcher over the past several months. It’s perfect for my short attention span AND the small chunks of “free time” I get while nursing Landon on the couch. I’ll admit that most of the videos I’ve seen lately are about politics (ughhhhh), but when I’m searching for a little inspiration, here’s where I go:

HOMEWORKS. Brace yourself for a little fangirl-ing. I’ve been obsessed with Claire Zinnecker’s Instagram feed for years so when I discovered that she had a series of interior styling / DIY videos? Well, I nearly lost my mind aaaaaaand then proceeded to watch each video 4,000 times. I feel like she is my style soul sister…she just gets it. Oh, and another random sidenote: we share the same birthday right down to the same year…how crazy is that?!

HEYCLAIRE. Amy (who has an amazing channel of her own!) turned me on to Claire and I was an instant fan. Her videos are gorgeous. TBH, I don’t really watch for the makeup or hair products as much as I watch for the impeccable design of her videos. If you really want to see the heart she puts into her work, watch this one.

HOT FOR FOOD. I’m not much for eating meat these days so I love watching vegetarian + vegan shows so I can come up with all kinds of meal ideas. I really enjoy Lauren’s videos because they’re so well done and her dialogue feels very natural and conversational (something I gravitate towards!).

LAURA MILLER. I found Laura through her show, Raw Vegan, Not Gross, on the Tastemade app on our AppleTV and never looked back. I loooove Laura Miller. She is quirky and beautiful and talented and I adore everything she does. She recently put out a series called Talking In Circles about real life issues that introverts face and it is SO GOOD.

SABRINA SOTO. Technically this isn’t a YouTube channel, but Sabrina Soto hosts a weekly Facebook Live and I adore it! Not only is she a great designer but she’s super relatable and charmingly candid. I randomly caught one of her live feeds while Briar was napping and Landon was nursing and all of a sudden I find myself tuning in each week!

What channels do you love?

  • Jessica

    I LOVE Hey Claire. I agree. Her styling is beautiful. I’d love to give her some scrapbooking supplies to see what she’d create. I love watching Amanda Muse. Check her out.

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