thirty one.

Posted on: Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Ann-Marie Loves | Thirty One

I’m thirty one today! I guess that means I am solidly in my thirties now, huh? The past year has felt like a total blur but filled with so many highlights that I never want to forget! Here are 31 of my favorite memories from the past year:

  1. Chopping off and lightening my hair.
  2. Discovering (and bingeing on) The Life Coach School Podcast.
  3. Marathoning three back-to-back laps around The Office series over the past few months. Pam + Jim forever.
  4. Having the best time in Atlanta with my BFFs (and no kids!). Can’t wait for more travel with friends!
  5. Signing Briar up for preschool and watching her flourish. So proud of that bub.
  6. Spending the night at Kimpton Goodland in Santa Barbara for our annual birthday / anniversary getaway.
  7. Being able to hold both of my kids’ hands while we all walk together. Total transportation game changer!
  8. Taking two trips to San Diego.
  9. Surviving (and enjoying!) our first family of four vacation to Cambria.
  10. Reading Erin Loechner’s book twice.
  11. Getting back to the gym! I love a good Zumba class.
  12. Taking on a new job that I LOVE and making some amazing friends in the process!
  13. Attending some beautiful (and boozy! haha) weddings.
  14. Reading this amazing Scorpio horoscope! WHOA.
  15. Treating myself to fancy bags of coffee to power me through this hectic life.
  16. Surprising myself with how little sleep I can get by on (although I would kill for a solid 10 hours!).
  17. Taking the kids on little adventures.
  18. Enjoying Instastories more than my Insta feed.
  19. Celebrating Landon turning one and Briar turning three! Time is f-l-y-i-n-g.
  20. Wearing the comfiest high-waisted mom jeans on a daily basis.
  21. Relishing cool weather and cursing the heat. Some things never change.
  22. Feeling good about only having two kids.
  23. Taking thousands of photos and getting paid to do it! #dreamofalldreams!
  24. Learning how to do Disneyland with multiple kids.
  25. Practicing authentic living everyday. I’m getting really adept at tuning out what doesn’t serve me and focusing on cultivating authentic relationships, experiences, and feelings everyday.
  26. Discovering the best dry shampoo and never washing my hair again (ha!).
  27. Eating Trader Joe’s Peruvian chimichurri rice for lunch nearly every single day.
  28. Going on weekly walks with friends.
  29. Watching my kids become little buddies.
  30. Feeling inspired by new things and finding myself entering a new season of life.
  31. Enjoying a massage and a solo coffee date to celebrate 31!

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