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Posted on: Thursday, November 30, 2017

Ann-Marie Loves x WowWee Magnaflex

When I was pregnant with Briar, I was certain (OMG, so certain) that my home would never be overrun with toys, much less with — gasp — cheap plastic toys! I thought she would only have overpriced wooden toys that would be perfectly styled in cute baskets and bins at all times. Fast forward three years and two kids later and I am here to tell you that the invasion of unsightly toys SNEAKS UP ON YOU. One minute you have a newborn with just a handful of toys in her possession and the next minute you have a 1 year old and a 3 year old with an impressive combined assortment of Target dollar spot toys and other random things spread out across every corner of your home (insert upside down face emoji).

Ann-Marie Loves x WowWee Magnaflex

After one super frustrating morning in which our previously clean house was littered with a million toys before I could even make myself coffee, I decided that enough was enough. I dropped the kids off at Grandpa Daycare and started weeding out all of the toys that no longer piqued my children’s interest. I still have much more work to do on OPERATION: DITCH THE JUNK before the holidays (and a fresh batch of toys) arrive, but it was in that moment that I decided to only invest in high-quality gear that can serve multiple functions and be enjoyed for years to come.

Ann-Marie Loves x WowWee Magnaflex

So when I was approached about partnering with WowWee to try out their MagnaFlex magnetic toys, I initially brushed it off as just another thing to clutter our house. But then upon furthering reading, I realized that the MagnaFlex hit all of the items on my checklist, plus I had a feeling that my analytical-thinking three year old would love them. As it turns out, they’ve been a HUGE hit not only with Briar but with me and John as well!

Ann-Marie Loves x WowWee Magnaflex

As someone who struggles to ditch my to-do list to play 80 consecutive rounds of hide-and-seek, I am surprised at how easily I will drop everything to sit on the floor and play with the MagnaFlex with Briar…they’re just so satisfying! Each box comes with bendable magnetic strips, connector pieces, and an easy-to-follow instruction guide (and link to this video!) with project ideas including animals, vehicles, wearable accessories and more. Best of all, they seamlessly fulfill WowWee’s goal to bridge the gap between construction and free-play activities.

Ann-Marie Loves x WowWee MagnaflexAnn-Marie Loves x WowWee Magnaflex

From the moment Briar opened the box, she hasn’t stopped building all kinds of cool structures! I’m so impressed by the things she has come up with and the way she has figured out basic construction principles all through play.


Ann-Marie Loves x WowWee Magnaflex

She’s been especially fascinated by the way the magnets attract and repel each other. Heck, I’ve been especially fascinated by the way the magnets attract and repel each other. It’s so funny what basic knowledge you take for granted as an adult that you end up relearning as a parent. Science, y’all.

Ann-Marie Loves x WowWee Magnaflex

Ann-Marie Loves x WowWee Magnaflex

Cheers to imagination!

This post was sponsored by WowWee but all opinions, ideas, and photos are my own.

  • Angie

    These look awesome. I feel ya on the toy purge! It’s way overdue in my house. I try to throw away things sometimes when Abby isn’t looking. 😬

  • Kate

    I have discovered that the more “junk” toys I purge, the better my kids play! We have big bins of each kind of toy that are kept out of reach… it helps with clean-up! If they want the choo-choo set, they have to put away the Mega Blocks. I leave their toy kitchen & workbench out all the time, so they always have access to those toys if they get bored with the others!

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