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as of late | july edition.

Posted on: Friday, July 21, 2017

As of Late | July Edition | Ann-Marie Loves

Going on weekly walks with my BFF. It’s so nice to have time with her each week while we try to beat our 10k step goal on our Fitbits!

Speaking of Fitbits, I recently got back into the habit of using mine (after being dormant for monthsssssss) and I LOVE IT. (More about that in a future post!)

Requiring two cups of coffee every morning to get going these days. My kids are my alarm clock and I need that double caffeine hit to think straight!

Wearing Landon on my back for a good chunk of everyday…all 24 pounds of him! Thank goodness for sturdy baby carriers! (This one is my personal fave.)

Attempting to keep a good attitude about these long, sweaty summer months. I hate being overheated but at least I’m not massively pregnant like I was at this time last year!

Listening to this album on repeat, especially this song and this song. Here’s another album in constant rotation.

Trying rosé in a can…and liking it!

Loving my gig as blogger / photographer for Pacific Play Tents.

Bingeing on Pete Holmes,’ You Made It Weird, for several weeks now. I love conversational podcasts and I think Pete is so relatable. I also LOVE anything from The Alison Show.

Going on lots of fun photo shoots, including this one with The Girls With Glasses!

Enjoying our second lap around The Office series on Netflix every night. I know there are so many new shows we should be watching but this one just feels right.

Washing my hair daily. Ha! Just kidding! Dry shampoo is LIFE. I just bought this brand at Target and I really like it!

Challenging myself to go a whole day without worrying. It’s my default mental state and I’m trying to create new grooves in my brain to overrule my natural tendencies.

as of late | april edition.

Posted on: Thursday, April 6, 2017

As of Late | April Edition | Ann-Marie Loves

Listening to this song NONSTOP. I even purchased it on iTunes which is something I haven’t done in a million years because Spotify, obvs. Also, this video is so fun!

Feeling so pumped for Briar to start preschool this Fall! I signed her up this week and I’ve been buzzing with excitement ever since.

Going to the gym again (first time in a year!) and feeling super out of shape but so happy to be taking my favorite classes. I forgot how much I NEED a physical outlet to keep me sane.

Rewatching The Office with John and loving it all over again.

Wearing lots of bralettes these days. Underwire is overrated!

Making a mental note to write an updated list of my favorite podcasts. There are so many new ones to add to the mix, including The Cookbook Deal and Missing Richard Simmons!

Recording little videos for my upcoming YouTube channel! Ahhh, I can’t wait to share!

Editing hundreds of photos this week and loving, loving, loving it. The local hills are alive right now and make all of my recent photo shoots look INCREDIBLE.

Gathering little things to put in my little ones’ Easter baskets. That Target dollar spot gets me every time.

Looking for a new foundation to wear and have heard really good things about this one. Has anyone tried it? Is it worth the money?

Painting my nails (in Sonic Bloom — my wedding color!) as I type this post.

Realizing that I use the word “so” SO OFTEN. Ha!

as of late | january edition.

Posted on: Monday, January 30, 2017

As of Late | January Edition | Ann-Marie Loves

Debating whether or not I should put holiday stuff away or just leave it up forever, hence the bottlebrush tree photo above. Ha!

Stealing away pockets of time to read Erin Loechner’s inspiring new book. I am SUCH a fan of her writing style.

Listening to this episode of The Lively Show and having my mind blown.

Speaking of podcasts, I’ve also been enjoying Awesome With Alison and The Other F Word.

Staying up way too late. It’s typically the only time I have to myself so I live it up (and by live it up, I mean wash the dishes and answer e-mails) but then I inevitably regret it in the morning.

Turning into quite the news junkie, what with all that is happening in America right now. Everyday feels like a new crisis.

Drinking cascara lattes from Starbucks as often as possible. They’re so good.

Loving all the rain we’ve been having here in Southern California! After a long hot summer, this steady stream of rain has been a GIFT.

Checking my horoscope everyday.

Aiming to blog at least three times each week. Originally I wanted to blog every weekday this month but, you know, LIFE. Three times feels very manageable.

Deciding if I want to keep my hair short or grow it out so I can wear a giant top knot again. Hmmm…

Enjoying my little four month old a my almost-two-and-a-half year old. Sometimes I’m still a little shocked that I have two kids. I mean, where did they come from??

as of late | december edition.

Posted on: Thursday, December 1, 2016

As of Late | December Edition | Ann-Marie Loves

Feeling so excited that the holidays are officially underway! Christmas with little ones is MAGIC.

Taking the babes for walks in our new double BOB stroller and zoning out with a podcast while all three of us get some fresh air. It’s one of my favorite simple joys in life.

Putting together a Spotify playlist for Landon that makes me feel all mushy inside. My favorites on the list are St. Judy’s Comet, Beautiful Boy, and Sweet Baby James.

Treasuring these early infant days where I can put Landon in one spot and know that he can’t go anywhere or get into anything!

Pining after this gold swan wall decor piece! It would be so cute in Briar’s room.

Navigating that postpartum limbo where my body is stuck between where it was and where I want it to be.

Discovering YouTube in a major way! My all-time favorite videos are from Claire Zinnecker (whom I recently found out turned thirty on the same day I turned thirty!). Her style speaks to me in a MAJOR way and I can’t wait to see more from her.

Feeling the pull to clean up my eating habits and taking inspiration from Nutrition Stripped. I love her videos (and her cute kitchen!) and I’m adding her cookbook to my Christmas list.

Writing down lots of blog post ideas (okay, more like e-mailing them to myself).

Starting my December Daily album today. Yessssssss.

as of late | august edition.

Posted on: Tuesday, August 9, 2016

As of Late: August Edition | Ann-Marie Loves

Trying to wrap my brain around the fact that I have a TWO YEAR OLD. What in the world.

Watching the Olympics every chance I get! I really hope Los Angeles wins the bid for the 2024 games so that we can try to get tickets!

Wishing I could buy the whole Cat & Jack collection for babies at Target! I’ve already snagged a set of baby boy socksfox pants, and this colorful cape for Briar, but I kind of want it all!

Buying lots of these applesauce squeeze pouches for Briar but finding myself eating just as many as she does! They’re so good on a hot day, especially when refrigerated.

Discovering new-to-me blogs and really loving The Merrythought! Gorgeous photos + killer DIY ideas.

Beginning to feel the scramble to get everything ready for baby. It’s an exciting madness but a madness, nonetheless.

Loving the One Part Podcast interview with Laura Miller of “Raw. Vegan. Not Gross.” fame.

Getting excited for the holiday season. This is the time of year that always feels like it drags on for-e-ver, but once we’re over the summer hump, the next few months fly by!

Enjoying my full nights of sleep while I still can. Here’s hoping baby number two likes to sleep. A LOT.

Digging the new Stories feature on Instagram! I have no idea what will become of Snapchat but I’m along for the ride.

Wanting to try these five recipes using only $10 worth of ingredients from Trader Joe’s. They all look so easy and delicious!

Looking forward to my 32 week ultrasound this week. I have a strong suspicion that he might be sideways (yikes!) so I hope I’m proven wrong!

Camping out in air conditioned spaces as much as possible. Whose idea was it to be super pregnant in the dead of summer??





as of late | july edition.

Posted on: Monday, July 11, 2016

As of Late | July Edition.

Missing the Joy the Baker podcast! Come back, Joy and Tracy!

Speaking of podcasts, I’m adding a few new ones to my queue thanks to this list.

Wearing this bracelet on repeat.

Making the most of my Get to Work Book now that it’s finally July. Briar took a highlighter to the cover the other day and I nearly cried. So dramatic but I really love that planner!

Planning a mini family vacation in celebration of Briar’s second birthday. Instead of spending money on a party, we figured we would go on a trip instead. It might be our last hurrah as a family of three before her brother comes along!

Adding this striped maxi dress to my cart. Okay, and maybe this pair of reversible pants for the little guy. Annnnnnd while we’re at it, these popsicle jammies for Briar.

Looking forward to the Olympics!

Setting a goal to blog every weekday this month (and possibly after!) and am feeling really motivated and inspired about it!

Living and dying by my new favorite dry shampoo. I use it waaaaay too often in lieu of actually washing my hair (the worst task ever), but I love the texture and body it gives me!

Feeling overheated and sweaty at all times these days. There’s not enough swimming pools and air conditioners in this world to cool this pregnant lady down!

Agreeing wholeheartedly on this article about what it’s like to be an introvert.

Going to miss Disneyland when our annual passes expire this week but am more than happy to take the hot summer off. (Have I mentioned that I’m always hot?)

as of late | june edition.

Posted on: Monday, June 20, 2016

As of Late | June Edition

Loving these videos from Claire Zinnecker. I’ve been following her on Instagram for years, so it was a treat to find her new series!

Spending almost everyday in the pool with my little fish.

Living in dresses these days. I recently went on a bit of a late night shopping spree at Pink Blush Maternity and love everything I bought.

Speaking of shopping, I’ve been hitting the mother-lode with boy clothes + toys! I went thrifting for the first time in a long time last week and found some adorable pieces.

Going back and forth over middle names. Boys are way harder to name than girls are! (P.S. I don’t have a middle name.)

Drinking orange juice like it’s going out of style  (lord help me pass my glucose test in a few weeks…! Yikes.).

Hearing this episode of the Pregnancy Perfect podcast with C. Jane Kendrick and then immediately doing a deep dive into her blog. I love her voice and unconventional perspective on life.

Putting together a scrapbook for my little guy. It started out of guilt (“I made one for Briar, I should probably make one for the baby”) and then quickly turned into a super fun creative outlet for me. Every chance I get, I sit down and work on new pages for it!

Pinning like a crazy person again. Every time I make enough space on my phone to download the app, my pinning output shoots through the roof.

Listening to the Unruffled podcast nonstop these days. I am learning a ton about the mysterious behavior of toddlers!

Feeling so psyched to have snagged this neon heart light from Oh Joy on clearance at Target. Now I’m on the hunt for this pink + gold heart ottoman to complete the look!

Rereading Bloom by Kelle Hampton. You guys, it’s so good.

Writing this whole blog post from the waiting room at my doctor’s office – ha! Gotta make these free moments count.

as of late | may edition.

Posted on: Tuesday, May 10, 2016

As of Late | May Edition | Ann-Marie Loves

Dying over the peonies that I picked up from Trader Joe’s. They bring me so much happiness and only costed $6.99!

Experiencing frequent periods of high energy where I can easily fill a part of my day with activity after activity after activity and then ultimately crashing hard. Hard to the point where I need to be by myself in a quiet place for a good chunk of time so I can recharge. Maybe one day I’ll remember that I’m pregnant and cut myself a break, but then again, maybe not! ;)

Wearing my new denim jacket and straw fedora every single day and not feeling an ounce of guilt about it! It’s especially fun when Briar wears her matching denim jacket at the same time! #mothergirl

Getting so excited about the arrival of my Get To Work Book. I’m stalking the mailbox everyday!

Coming up on the six month mark until I officially leave my twenties behind! I’m pretty excited to start a new decade.

Trying to decide on a double stroller and can’t seem to make up my mind. After using the amazing Nuna Tavo with Briar for the past year, I now see the value in mid to higher end strollers (like an Uppababy or a double BOB). Any recommendations?

Feeling like such a hardcore MOM these days as I shuttle Briar between swim lessons, Gymboree classes, and playdates.

Counting down the minutes until we find out whether Briar will have a sister or a brother. Remember when I said I was much more patient this time around? Ha! I totally lied. I am DYING to know.

Reminding myself how much more I enjoy myself when I listen to music while I work. I usually try to tackle my to-do list with a podcast or silence as the soundtrack, but music really makes everything feel easier and lighter. Sade is my go-to for any type of project or occasion.

Speaking of music, I’m listening to the different playlists I put together for our wedding as I type out this post and am loving the trip down memory lane :)

Making small tweaks to my blog here and there. I love an updated look!


as of late | april edition.

Posted on: Tuesday, April 12, 2016

As of Late | April Edition.

The story of Briar’s life.

Seriously loving this DIY from Almost Makes Perfect. I love every DIY that Molly makes, but this one is really inspiring me to buy some wood and paint!

Laughing at all the funny things that Briar says these days. She used to call my brother by his first name but has since switched to calling him “Uncle.” She also adds the word “yay!” to things she’s excited about and repeats the phrase over and over again in a sing-songy manner, such as “bubbles! yay! bubbles! yay!” And last night as I was reading her a few stories in bed, I would ask her if she was ready for the next book and she would repeat “weddy?” Ahh, she kills me.

Enjoying my shorter hairstyle! I have a serious aversion to styling my hair everyday (god forbid I have to break out the blow dryer), so to be able to air dry, spritz with a little styling cream and a generous amount of dry shampoo (this one is my new fave!), and then quickly add loose waves with a large curling iron…well, it’s kind of a dream come true.

Feeling so sad for Tori Hendrix and her family. I have been closely following Tori for years and have looked up to her not only as an amazing stylist and creative but also as a mother. In fact, I talk about her so much that John knows exactly whom I’m referring to when I mention “Tori” casually in conversation. I’m really, really, really hoping for a miracle!

Editing most of my DSLR photos in Lightroom now with VSCO actions and feeling like it’s such a game changer to my workflow! I can only use Lightroom on our desktop (my poor laptop can barely accommodate one more megabyte!) so I don’t edit as much as I would like to, but when I do? I’m in heaven.

Barely into my second trimester and I’m already picking out pieces here and there for baby number two. We won’t find out the sex for another month so I’m stocking up on cute neutrals, including this black + white striped hooded one-piece and these cactus-patterned clothes! Oh em gee, I forgot how tiny newborn clothes are!

Trying to remember to take weekly bump photos but I’m def not as consistent about it as I was with Briar. Whoops!

Hanging out with some of my favorite Pasadena people, including brunch with my former landlord and her adorable little ones (sounds crazy, right?). Here’s the backstory: She and her husband had just taken over the management of our complex before John and I put in our notice to leave, but I always had a feeling that she and I would have hit it off. Fast forward a few months and as I’m browsing through Pinterest, I see photos of her and and her daughter modeling for Solly Baby wraps. That’s when I knew: she is my kind of people! So I e-mailed her and basically asked her to be my friend and she told me she felt the same way and now we go on lunch dates with our kiddos! How’s that for a friendship meet-cute?

Delighting in the sight of Briar wearing her pink duck pajamas. The girl is obsessed with anything duck-related these days, so when I spotted the jammies at Baby Gap, I knew I had no choice but to buy them.

Beginning to feel subtle baby kicks! So exciting! Also, I’m 99% positive that there’s a boy in there and I’m 99% terrified about it.

Rocking maternity clothes already and feeling no shame whatsoever! This striped dress from Target is getting plenty of mileage.

Pinning all the time again! I go through phases with Pinterest where my interest in it ebbs and flows and right now it is definitely flowing!

as of late | march edition.

Posted on: Thursday, March 17, 2016

As of Late | March Edition | Ann-Marie Loves

Celebrating my good friend’s upcoming wedding with so many of my favorite people. I love, love, love my group of girlfriends.

Loving the intermittent return of cool weather and sometimes rain! (P.S. I hate small talk but I love talking about the weather?)

Digging Briar’s current stage of life. Every stage is great, but this one is really great. The other morning she was laying in bed with us and when John got up to get something, Briar said “Are you, Dada?” (Translation: where are you, Dada?) I can’t get enough of her.

Deciding that Old Navy is where all the cute toddler clothes are! I just picked up these baby gladiators for Briar and wish they came in my size too!

Needing a new book to read. I’ve been on an autobiography kick recently with Drew Barrymore, Amy Poehler, and Mindy Kaling and I loved them all. What should I pick up next?

Waiting not-so-patiently each week for the latest episode of Bitch Sesh to drop. I know I’ve already talked about my love for that podcast before but I’M OBSESSED.

Tackling my inbox head-on. Why is it so hard to stay on top of e-mail?

Speaking of tackling things, I feel so much more productive when I sit at my desk and work on my big computer instead of laying on the bed and using my laptop (although the latter is way more comfy). I just burned through my to-do list simply by using the desktop comp!

Listening to DNCE on repeat while I burn through my aforementioned to-do list. They’re such a fun band!

Craving another trip to Disneyland. We had the BEST time ever with Briar a few weeks ago. Even though she’s been several times already, each trip gets more and more exciting as she starts to take notice of all the magic around her! Plus, I’m craving this smoothie.

Going on after-dinner walks with my little family.

Feeling inspired to scrapbook after seeing my friend (and former co-worker at American Crafts) Sarah’s album for her daughter’s upcoming birthday!

Sitting on the edge of my seat as I watch The People vs. OJ Simpson each week. I’m going to be very sad when it ends.

Trying to figure out a way to afford this insanely gorgeous rug. It’s so beautiful, I want to design a whole house around it!

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