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simple wreath.

Posted on: Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Ann-Marie Loves | DIY Wreath

Last week I had the pleasure of helping style a shoot with Katie Pritchard and Adrienne from The Bloom of Time (among other amazing vendors!) and was lucky enough to walk away with a giant bag of leaves and florals.

Ann-Marie Loves | DIY Wreath

Since I had plenty of long stems (that smell like a DREAM) to go around, I decided to shape them into a festive wreath for our front door. I started by taking the largest branches and then wrapping them together with thin wire to reinforce the round shape. Once the base was formed, I added in additional elements, such as the eucalyptus buds and berries.

Ann-Marie Loves | DIY Wreath

And that concludes my holiday decor for the season – HA! One of these days we’ll bust out the tree, but for now, I am loving being greeted by this simple, earthy wreath every time I come home.

one month in.

Posted on: Tuesday, November 26, 2013


Photos by Katie Pritchard Photography

This week has been super exciting in the world of post-wedding bliss because not only did we survive a month of marriage, but we received our photos AND our sneak peek video!! Needless to say, I’ve been spending waaaay too much time on the computer staring at myself. HA!

One month in and life is better than ever…

Video by Ellay Films


Posted on: Friday, November 15, 2013

Ann-Marie Morris Espinoza | 27

26 has been one of the most eventful years of my life and I am so grateful for all that it taught me. Here are 27 of my favorite moments from the past fifty-two weeks:

1. An anniversary trip to Yosemite for snow, scenic views, and a sparkly ring.
2. Sunshine cocktails at Tasty N Sons in Portland.
3. Having a new place to make a home.
4. Thrifting. I may have gotten a little out of hand
5. Photographing brides, babies, and a million stylized desk shots.
6. Dancing to “I Want You Back” with all of my friends at my wedding.
7. Living in Pasadena! Gosh, I love this town.
8. Forming a fun little family unit with the Jubrans.
9. Bachelorette weekend in Lake Arrowhead. An adorable cabin? My BFF’s? Moscow mules? YES.
10. Zumba! I know, I’m annoyingly obsessed with it, but like rollerblading + Tae Bo before, this is one workout I won’t quit until I kill it.
11. A handful of trips to San Diego.
12. Realizing just how lucky I am to have such a solid group of girlfriends, year after year. We’re in it to win it!
13. Taking Wally for walks. That little guy makes me SO HAPPY.
14. Shrimp tacos. That’s all I ever want to eat!
15. Seeing Fleetwood Mac at the Hollywood Bowl with my mom.
16. Spending time with Sarah at her beautiful home in Utah.
17. Bruno Mars’ “Treasure.” My most played song this year, hands down.
18. Seeing years of hard work pay off at my brother’s college graduation.
19. Taking calligraphy, interior styling, paper flower making, and bunch of other amazing Skillshare classes.
20. Picking up my dream painting for three dollars…!
21. Spending extra quality time with my parents this past summer.
22. Reading Danielle LaPorte’s The Fire Starter Sessions. That book spoke to me.
23. Attending some awesome events, including a handful of Urbanic parties, The Cream, Crafts + Cocktails, Arrested Development’s World Tour, and Eva Black’s Madewell soiree, just to name a few.
24. Honeymooning in the Pacific Northwest and feeling right at home. John and I are PNW’ers at heart.
25. Wedding crafting, wedding crafting, and more wedding crafting!
26. Having another full year of freelancing under my belt.
27. Marrying my best friend. The big day took months + months of planning and it was over in a flash. I love the person I got to marry, the people I got to celebrate with, and the memories I get to take with me.

I’m so excited to see what 27 has in store!

andy’s graduation.

Posted on: Monday, June 17, 2013

andy's graduation | ann-marie morris

This past weekend my brother graduated from college with a Bachelors Degree in Mechanical Engineering, so we spent the better part of Saturday exploring the Cal Poly Pomona campus (beautiful!), taking tons of photos (740 to be exact…lord help my hard drive!), and celebrating Andy’s hard-earned accomplishment (heyyyy, brother). It was a reminder of the good things in my life: lots of walking under the California sunshine, big camera + empty SD card in hand, quality family time, an opportunity to wear a new dress + a giant hat, lots of laughter, exploring a new-to-me place, and a chocolate chip Pizookie for good measure.

andy's graduation | ann-marie morris
andy's graduation | ann-marie morris
andy's graduation | ann-marie morris
andy's graduation | ann-marie morris
andy's graduation | ann-marie morris
andy's graduation | ann-marie morris
andy's graduation | ann-marie morris
andy's graduation | ann-marie morris

Not only is my brother a whip smart, hilarious, human calculator, but he is also one of my best friends. Cheers to all your successes, Andy!

rustic fiesta.

Posted on: Saturday, June 1, 2013

Rustic Fiesta Wedding | Ann-Marie Morris

For as long as I’ve known that I wanted to marry John, I’ve known that our wedding would be a fiesta. I mean, I live for color! I live for dancing! And I really live for Mexican food and margaritas! So clearly, there was no wavering on the fiesta idea. On the other hand, John and I both love anything rustic. We love the great outdoors. We would kill for a Craftsman-style home one day. And of course, we did get engaged in Yosemite, after all. So together we came up with the concept of “Rustic Fiesta!” It blends the colors + vibrancy of a traditional fiesta with the earthy + organic textures of rusticism. !Ole!

These photos + colors really represent the vibe I am hoping to achieve this coming Fall. I am obsessed with wild + overflowing floral arrangements, lots of warm mood lighting, and plenty (and I mean PLENTY) of paper decor items. I love the idea of exposed wood tables + an eclectic mix of dishware, dancing alllll night long to my favorite songs (I have gold flats for this very purpose!), and a fantastic spread of tamales for dinner and churros for dessert. I am so excited to be collaborating with John on our unique + collective visions for the big day. It’s so much fun to bounce ideas off of each other (or more like me sending him 15 texts in a row with ideas…he loves when I do that! HA!), even when we don’t see eye-to-eye on how things should go. We’re working as a team and that’s all that matters.

Rustic fiesta forever!

crafts + cocktails.

Posted on: Monday, April 22, 2013

This past Saturday, Elise and I attended Elsie + Emma’s “Crafts + Cocktails” party hosted by Ruche and Zooey Magazine at the Seychelles’ showroom in LA. In three words? IT. WAS. AMAZING. I must have have done 50 laps around the place in an effort to take in every last detail! 

Crafts + Cocktails with A Beautiful Mess | Ann-Marie Loves Paper
Crafts + Cocktails with A Beautiful Mess | Ann-Marie Loves Paper
Crafts + Cocktails with A Beautiful Mess | Ann-Marie Loves Paper
Crafts + Cocktails with A Beautiful Mess | Ann-Marie Loves Paper
Crafts + Cocktails with A Beautiful Mess | Ann-Marie Loves Paper
Crafts + Cocktails with A Beautiful Mess | Ann-Marie Loves Paper
Crafts + Cocktails with A Beautiful Mess | Ann-Marie Loves Paper
Crafts + Cocktails with A Beautiful Mess | Ann-Marie Loves Paper
Crafts + Cocktails with A Beautiful Mess | Ann-Marie Loves Paper
Crafts + Cocktails with A Beautiful Mess | Ann-Marie Loves Paper
Crafts + Cocktails with A Beautiful Mess | Ann-Marie Loves Paper

True to the party’s name, there were crafts, cocktails, cupcakes, and so many stylish people in one beautiful space. It was such a treat to meet Elsie and Emma in real life and see just how friendly and down-to-earth they are (I love when that happens!). And! I even had a conversation with Joy the Baker! (I live for her podcast, you guys.) All of the details that went into this party were beyond inspiring, you can bet your bottom dollar I will be swiping them for my own future celebrations. But really, the time spent with this impossibly cute little mama was the highlight of the whole trip. She’s such a gem.

the cream event.

Posted on: Monday, March 11, 2013

The Cream | Ann-Marie Loves Paper

THE CREAM! Where do I even begin? So many talented vendors in such a stunning location. It was pretty much the best of the wedding blog scene mixed in with super stylish vendors + guests (wearing their “blogger’s best” as my partner in crime Janelle so aptly put it) topped with a killer soundtrack that had everyone moving + grooving. Those Bash, Please gals sure know to get things done right.

P.S. You can see our Vine videos from the event at @Ann-Marie Morris and @The Style Eater!


gold thrift finds.

Posted on: Sunday, March 10, 2013

Gold Thrift Finds | Ann-Marie Loves Paper

Last weekend on an impromptu thrifting trip, I struck gold. LITERALLY. Gold goblets, gold vases, gold bowls…gold gold city! I’ve been on the hunt for these kinds of pieces for months, so to find it all in one place for less than three bucks a pop was pretty much the highlight of my Goodwill-ing career. (In fact, I should probably retire now.)

I have big plans for these babies and none of which involves polishing them up (the more tarnished, the better!). I am already dreaming up the way they will look when filled with beautiful, overflowing flower arrangements and plenty of candlelight on the tables at our wedding. Excuse me while I get back to pinning


we found it.

Posted on: Tuesday, March 5, 2013

wedding venue hunting | ann-marie loves paper
Ventura, Ca | Ann-Marie Morris
Ventura, Ca | Ann-Marie Morris

It was a good weekend.

After searching and researching the past few months until I couldn’t stand to look at one more outrageously expensive pricing sheet, we finally found our venue. It’s not in San Diego, like I imagined. It hasn’t (yet) graced the pages of every big wedding blog. But it’s a blank canvas with a Spanish-style flavor. There are barely any rules and our date is wiiiide open! In other words, it’s perfect.

We are so excited to finally have a place to build our vision around. This is where I get to put my Pinterest boards to work. This is where I get to hire an amazing photographer. This is where I get to dance all night long in my beautiful dress. This is where I become an Espinoza. This is where it all goes down.

Oh yes. It’s gonna be good.


thank you notes.

Posted on: Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Engagement Party Thank You Notes | Ann-Marie Loves Paper

One of my resolutions for 2013 is to stay on top of social correspondence, especially since this is the year that lots of it will be going down. So as I was opening all the wonderful gifts from our party a few weekends ago, I couldn’t help but immediately start brainstorming ideas for the thank you notes that I would soon be writing. I knew I wanted them to be simple, but I also wanted them to have a handmade feel. Hence, embossed hearts! What’s more appropriate for a V-Day party than gold and hot pink hearts? Then again, when are gold and hot pink hearts not appropriate?


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