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techie gift guide + kohl’s gift card giveaway.

Posted on: Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Gift Guide: Electronics | Ann-Marie Loves + Kohl's

UPDATED: The winner is Jessica T! Thanks so much for sharing your holiday spirit ideas, guys! xo!

Today I am so excited to be partnering with Kohl’s to share my family’s top techie picks for him, her, and baby!

Gift Guide: Electronics | Ann-Marie Loves + KohlsFOR HIM

1. Cassini Telescope // Perfect for catching a glimpse at the stars, even in the midst of LA.

2. PlayStation 4 Console // Not only is this machine made for gaming but it’s perfect for streaming all of our favorite shows on Netflix + Hulu.

3. Crosley Cruiser Portable Turntable // Classic vintage sound in a modern, funky color. Nothing better.


4. Fitbit Flex // I’m obsessed with my Fitbit and have noticed a significant improvement in my motivation to reach 10k steps daily since buying one a few months back!.

5. Beats Solo HD White Headphones // These are perfect (and oh so stylish!) for listening to podcasts while working.

6. Instax Camera // As much as I love my DSLR and my iPhone, nothing beats the wonder that is the Instax camera.


7. Summer Infant Baby Monitor // Being able to keep tabs on your little one while they sleep or play in their room is a cinch with this video monitor.

8. iPad Case // Briar has recently discovered old Disney movies on my iPad so a sturdy protective case is a must.

9. Jawbone Bluetooth Speaker // Forget a standard noise machine; download a few soothing sounds on your phone and let them lull your baby to sleep via bluetooth speakers (in the most excellent shade of mustard!).

In honor of the upcoming holiday shopping season, I am giving away a $200 Kohl’s gift card! To enter to win, leave a comment below letting me know what gets you into the holiday spirit. I’ll announce the winner at the top of this post on Monday November 30th. Good luck!

This post was sponsored by Kohl’s, but the ideas + opinions are all my own.

autumn bucket list printable.

Posted on: Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Ann-Marie Loves | Free Autumn Bucket List Printable


Even though Southern California is still weeks away from really getting into the fall weather spirit (insert all the crying face emojis here), it’s never too early to start planning out all the fun things that autumn has in store for us! I mean, give me pumpkin-flavored everything and I’ll happily turn on the A/C and pretend all is right in the world ;)

Today I’m excited to be sharing an Autumn Bucket List printable, in partnership with Dunkin’ Donuts. I love to daydream about all the goodness that my favorite season has to offer, including creating Briar’s Halloween costume (so fun!), making an excellent autumn-inspired playlist, and finding that elusive perfect fall candle (any suggestions?). I’m also determined to make this the year that I really master the art of (mostly) healthy comfort food cooking + baking. What’s on your bucket list?

staying present in motherhood.

Posted on: Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Creative Options + Thoughts on Staying Present in Motherhood | Ann-Marie Loves

From the moment you find out a baby will soon be joining your life, it’s hard to keep yourself from constantly fantasizing about the future. What will my baby look like? What costume will she wear for Halloween? How are we going to pay for college?! In fact, most of last year, I made all of my decisions based off of the timeline of “Pre-Briar” and ‘Post-Briar.” Pre-Briar life meant attending loud concerts on a whim, spending a whole day of working without interruptions, and sleeping in on any given Saturday BECAUSE I COULD. Post-Briar life means lining up babysitters when I want to go out, squeezing in work during naptimes, and not sleeping in on any given Saturday BECAUSE I HAVE A BABY. I think it’s only natural for moms to be preoccupied with the future; after all, we’re the ones steering the ship!

Creative Options + Thoughts on Staying Present in Motherhood | Ann-Marie Loves

However, I am now on a mission to stay in the present moment as often as possible and enjoy each fleeting second exactly as it is. Sure, it’s not always how I envisioned it would look or feel, but that’s all part of the fun, especially as a mom of a young toddler. Briar is growing up SO FAST (so fast, you guys!) and I want to live every minute with her, instead of wishing for a more “perfect” scenario or mentally plotting out the distant future. This is why I am now bucking my to-do list for a short time everyday and really allowing the both of us to enjoy time together.

Creative Options + Thoughts on Staying Present in Motherhood | Ann-Marie Loves

This past weekend, we spent some time outside so I could work on her scrapbook and she could play with her toys. Even though we were only going out in the backyard, I found it was so handy to pack up my craft supplies in a Creative Options’ Two Tray Box and Briar’s toys + books in a fabric Craft Caddy.

Creative Options + Thoughts on Staying Present in Motherhood | Ann-Marie Loves

Briar’s caddy was filled with all of the essentials for briefly occupying a girl on the move: her favorite books, her BlaBla doll (whom we named Olivia), her gold Saltwater sandals (should she decide to venture off the mat) (which she immediately did), and plenty of Cheerios!

Creative Options + Thoughts on Staying Present in Motherhood | Ann-Marie Loves

My box was stocked with all the essentials for a crafty gal: neon pink ink, sharp scissors, wooden alpha stamps, colorful pens, and lots of washi!

Creative Options + Thoughts on Staying Present in Motherhood | Ann-Marie Loves

Our joint playtime was certainly not perfect (as it turns out, mom’s “toys” are way more fun than Briar’s toys!), but it was a great way for the two of us to spend some structured quality time together. Plus, when it was time to go back inside, all I had to do was pick up our caddies and our mat…no extra clean-up necessary! Life is good, you guys. Let’s embrace it just as it is!

P.S. For more ideas on how to incorporate Creative Options’ products into your life, be sure to check out their Facebook page, Amy Tangerine’s blog, and this fun video!

diaper bag organizer.

Posted on: Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Life in Play Diaper Bag Organizer | Ann-Marie Loves

As Briar gets older and we spend more + more time away from home, the amount of baby gear that I pack continues to grow + grow. There are the basics that I always have on hand (Target diapers, Honest wipes, Nuk pacifiers, burp rags, and a change of clothes), but there are also a bunch of new things that she requires as well (Sophie the Giraffe, bottles, and bibs, just to name a few). Needless to say, as much as I’d like to think I’m the “cool mom” (ha!) with a cool untraditional diaper bag, I’m nothing but a hot mess when it takes me fifteen minutes of rifling through my bag to find the one item Briar needs.

Life in Play Diaper Bag Organizer | Ann-Marie Loves

So! When Life in Play e-mailed me about their amazing new organizer which turns any bag into a diaper bag, I was intrigued. It was exactly what I needed to get my sanity back and keep potential baby meltdowns at bay. (Did I tell you about Briar’s recent meltdown in the wine aisle at Trader Joe’s? It. Was. Epic.)

Life in Play Diaper Bag Organizer | Ann-Marie Loves

Life in Play Diaper Bag Organizer | Ann-Marie Loves

The diaper bag organizer features several different-sized pockets that are perfect for all kinds of baby (and mama!) gear. Plus, there’s even a roll-up changing mat nestled in the center! Whenever I need to pack Briar’s things, I take the organizer out, put each item in it’s appropriate spot, and then pop it back into my bag. So simple and so worth the extra couple of minutes of planning and organizing.

Life in Play Diaper Bag Organizer | Ann-Marie Loves

The best part about the organizer is that it doesn’t scream “baby.” Much like the way I wanted a bag that I could keep in rotation long after the baby phase of life, this organizer will be perfect for all kinds of packing endeavors for years to come.

From now until the end of the year, you can take $30 off your purchase of a diaper bag organizer using the code “LOVES.” Happy organizing!

holiday gift guide for guys + free printable!

Posted on: Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Holiday Shopping Guide for Guys | Collaboration with Kohl's + Free Printable! | Ann-Marie Loves

Despite the inevitable madness that ensues each November / December, I love the holiday season.

I love the decorating. I love the baking. I love the music + movies. But what I really love is dreaming of the perfect gifts to give to all my loved ones. The girls on my list are always a breeze to shop for. The guys, on the other hand? IMPOSSIBLE. I don’t know what it is, but I find myself struggling to come up with ideas for them, year after year! So when Kohl’s approached me about putting together a holiday gift guide for guys, I knew just the person to recruit for help: my husband! (After all, that’s what husbands are for, right?) Thankfully, John was more than up to the task.

Here are twelve of his top picks for guys:

Holiday Shopping Guide for Guys | Collaboration with Kohl's + Free Printable! | Ann-Marie Loves

01. Boat Shoes | 02. Classic Fit Sports Coat | 03. Stainless Steel Chronograph Watch | 04. Solid Twill Cardigan | 05. Mini Jambox Speaker | 06. Tapered Leg Jeans | 07. Hybrid Chino Pants | 08. Aqua Dress Shirt | 09. Plaid Casual Button-Down Shirt | 10. Keurig Coffee Brewer | 11. Nike Toki Low Sneakers | 12. Sherpa Hoodie

Thanks to this list, I won’t be racking my brain at the last minute for the perfect gift for all the wonderful men in my life. (Thanks babe!)

Holiday Shopping Guide for Guys | Collaboration with Kohl's + Free Printable! | Ann-Marie Loves

To help you get a jump on your holiday shopping, I designed a free printable for you to take with you (whether it’s to the mall or your computer!) so you can stay organized in style. Click HERE to download!

This post was sponsored by Kohl’s, but the ideas + opinions are all my (and John’s!) own. For more ideas on what to buy this season, check out Kohl’s holiday gift guide here!

pumping for the win.

Posted on: Friday, September 26, 2014

Breastfeeding is a Learning Curve | Ann-Marie Loves + Ameda Purely Yours Pump

The first few days after Briar was born, the two of us struggled with nursing. Oh man, we struggled.

My tiny little peanut of a daughter turned into a ravenous piranha anytime she sensed food was close at hand, leaving my chest a little (read: A LOT) sore. Then we began having latching issues. Then John and I found out that Briar had lost nearly 10% of her birth weight and we were instructed to chunk that baby back up…STAT.

Enter: my Ameda pump.

Breastfeeding is a Learning Curve | Ann-Marie Loves + Ameda Purely Yours Pump

Talk about total game changer.

Suddenly I was able to feed my child on a regular schedule. I was able to measure just how much milk she was consuming. John and I were able to alternate middle of the night feedings since he could give her a bottle of pumped milk. And selfishly, I was able to take a break from painful feedings for a moment while still keeping my milk supply up.

Within two days of every-two-hour feedings, we plumped our Briar girl up another six ounces. S I X. I’ve had many proud moments in my life, but hearing that number as the pediatrician laid her on the scale is a top contender for proudest moment. When the doctor left the room, John and I high-fived. Teamwork! Thanks to the pump, we were no longer in the scary red zone of infant weight loss. I now had a little more wiggle room to regroup and give nursing another shot…

Breastfeeding is a Learning Curve | Ann-Marie Loves + Ameda Purely Yours Pump

Fast forward six weeks and we’ve got a pretty solid rhythm down. Nursing now feels like second nature, but I still pump a bottle every single day for John to give to Briar before he heads off to work. This not only allows for some important father / daughter bonding time, but it also lets me get in a 6-7 hour stretch of sleep! (Unheard of, I know!) I’m not exaggerating when I say that pumping has truly been the key to surviving the newborn stage.

This post was sponsored by Ameda, but the ideas + opinions are all my own. Ameda + United Healthcare have recently teamed up with Target to offer moms the ability to pick up their breast pump at their local Target pharmacy! You can find out more about this collaboration here!

july 2014 limited edition stamps.

Posted on: Tuesday, July 1, 2014

July 2014 Limited Edition Stamps | annmarielovespaper.bigcartel.com

We are halfway through 2014, my daughter is arriving sometime this month (?!), and I am nesting + working like a crazy person, so I figured July 1st was as good as any day to start something new! From today until July 31st, there are five limited edition rubber stamps available in my shop. Here’s what they look like:

July 2014 Limited Edition Stamps | annmarielovespaper.bigcartel.com

01. Soak Up the Sun | 02. July | 03. Let’s Go On Adventures | 04. In the Summertime | 05. You Are the Best

I’m so excited to try something completely new and exciting! I spent most of yesterday afternoon through late until the evening working on designing, shooting, editing, listing, etc and it all felt so seamless and easy. If only all projects could be so satisfying!

You can find out more about the July limited edition stamps HERE.


classes kara made | giveaway

Posted on: Tuesday, September 17, 2013

EDITED: The winner is Micayla! E-mail Kara at kara@ijustmightexplode.com to claim your class entry! xo

Today I am so excited to be offering a giveaway to one of Kara Haupt’s amazing online classes. I first discovered Kara way back when we both got into scrapbooking years ago. She has always had such a unique style that pushes creative boundaries and makes scrapbooking actually look cool…not an easy feat, my friends! If you’re looking to get inspired, this is one giveaway you don’t want to miss!

This & That | Classes Kara Made | Giveaway via Ann-Marie Loves

This & That is a 158 page printable PDF jam-packed with challenges, journaling prompts, and techniques designed to get you scrapbooking again. Mix and match and use this and that to create 30+ pages! Choose one journaling prompt and one technique idea from the pool and combining ideas to get excited about creating again.

This & That | Classes Kara Made | Giveaway via Ann-Marie Loves


30 journaling prompts
30 technique prompts and ideas
Tutorial for creating vintage handkerchief albums
Printable embellishment sheets
Instructor Video
Email access to Kara

This & That | Classes Kara Made | Giveaway via Ann-Marie Loves

To be entered to win, leave a comment below describing an online class that you would love to take! Contest closes Tuesday September 24th. Good luck!

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