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briar is three.

Posted on: Monday, August 14, 2017

Last week, my firstborn turned THREE! As I was putting this video together over the past couple of weeks, I couldn’t get over how much she has grown up! Time is flying but I am so happy that I get to spend my days with my sweet Briar Bear.

birthday paper chain.

Posted on: Thursday, August 3, 2017

Birthday Chain for An Almost-Three Year Old | Ann-Marie Loves

A certain almost-three year is excited about her upcoming birthday. VERY EXCITED. We’ve been talking about her birthday party for months and she has made it crystal clear that it needs to be based around two things: rhinos and rainbows. (Yep, you read that correctly).

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30th birthday card.

Posted on: Tuesday, March 7, 2017

30th Birthday Card featuring Amy Tangerine's "On A Whim" Collection | Ann-Marie Loves

Today is my husband’s THIRTIETH birthday so that can only mean one thing: a handmade card is in order!

30th Birthday Card featuring Amy Tangerine's "On A Whim" Collection | Ann-Marie Loves

While my two kiddos spent the day with their grandparents yesterday, I got busy working on a card for the L of my L using products from Amy Tangerine’s new line, On A Whim. Normally I grab from a bunch of different manufacturers when I make anything, but when I’m short on free time, sticking to one collection really speeds up the process. Plus, this line is so fun and colorful and totally fit the funky design I was aiming for!

30th Birthday Card featuring Amy Tangerine's "On A Whim" Collection | Ann-Marie Loves

To begin, I found two photos of Briar and Landon with their mouths open so it would look they were talking (ha), converted them to black and white in Photoshop, and printed them out. Then I carefully cut around their heads + bodies and laughed at the ridiculous pairing of photos I just pulled together.

30th Birthday Card featuring Amy Tangerine's "On A Whim" Collection | Ann-Marie Loves

From there, I folded a sheet of Tropical Paradise paper in half to use as my card base. I also freehand cut word bubbles using the multi-colored Patchwork paper and chose a few die cuts to fill in the blanks.

30th Birthday Card featuring Amy Tangerine's "On A Whim" Collection | Ann-Marie Loves

Once I was happy with the way things were laid out, I glued everything down, trimmed off the top of the card, and finished it off with the “Awesome” phrase Thicker in the center.

I left it out on the counter this morning so John would see it before he left for work and he texted me later saying it was the best card I’ve ever made him. WHAT! That’s a huge compliment considering we’ve been together for a million years! I’m feeling extra proud of myself and super grateful that we have cute kids to exploit in the name of design. HBD, babe!


holidays 2016.

Posted on: Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Holidaze 2016 | Ann-Marie Loves

Happy 2017! I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday season…I know I did! We celebrated three separate Christmases with all of our families and each one was special in it’s own way. One of those celebrations was our very own “Christmas morning” on Christmas Eve and it was everything I hoped it would be. We made a big breakfast and sat around and opened presents in our jammies all day. Briar is at the perfect age where she finally “gets” the magic of the holidays so everything was very exciting to her (and subsequently, exciting to John and me). Here are some of my favorite photos:

Holidaze 2016 | Ann-Marie Loves

Holidaze 2016 | Ann-Marie Loves

Landon is just a little dream baby. Seriously. John and I keep looking at each other like, how did we get so lucky?? He’s definitely my favorite gift from 2016.

Holidaze 2016 | Ann-Marie Loves

Holidaze 2016 | Ann-Marie Loves

It’s a toss-up between which gift Briar loved the most…her new kitchen or my new cordless vacuum! (For real!) Both have been in heavy rotation around here.

Holidaze 2016 | Ann-Marie Loves

Holidaze 2016 | Ann-Marie Loves

Sigh. I miss the holidays already!

holiday packaging.

Posted on: Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Holiday Packaging | Ann-Marie Loves

When it comes to holiday packaging, I take my job verrrrry seriously. I love wrapping presents and as a result, I am a firm believer that the packaging is just as (if not more!) important the gift itself. While ordering holiday cards through Minted, I added a few rolls of this XO gift wrap paper to my cart because, well, it’s PERFECTION. Not only is this particular pattern great for Christmas, but it’s also perfect for showers or birthdays throughout the rest of the year.

Holiday Packaging | Ann-Marie Loves

Each gift is topped with a plethora of colorful pom poms (never enough poms!) and simple tags that I quickly whipped up in Illustrator.

Holiday Packaging | Ann-Marie Loves

I also picked up gold foil polka dot paper from Target and am making a mental note to stock up on this pattern during the after-Christmas sale! It’s so good.

Holiday Packaging | Ann-Marie Loves

I’d like to think my packaging obsession is rubbing off on Briar. She grabbed the hot pink washi tape when I wasn’t looking and helped to herself to a rather generous strip of it, which she promptly added to her own gift – ha!

Holiday Packaging | Ann-Marie Loves

Clearly I wasn’t doing it right. She kindly fixed it for me ;)

morris family holiday cards with minted.

Posted on: Friday, December 16, 2016

Family Holiday Cards 2016 | Ann-Marie Loves x Minted

Do you know what moms really love? FAMILY PHOTOS. Do you know what two year olds really hate? FAMILY PHOTOS.

Family Holiday Cards 2016 | Ann-Marie Loves x Minted

This year I was determined to get a few solid Morris family photo gems for my mom (and me!) to frame and treasure forever, but Briar clearly had other ideas. There were tantrums, there were tears, there were staunch refusals to even look in the vicinity of the camera — ha! It ended up taking two separate photo shoots on two separate weekends when all of us could get together in one place, but thanks to the powers-that-be, we managed to score a handful of cute shots (Briar included!) that were totally Christmas-card worthy.

Family Holiday Cards 2016 | Ann-Marie Loves x Minted

Once I got over the hurdle of getting a few decent photos, I then had to decide which option use on my parents’ holiday cards. And since my kids were in most of them and I am 150% biased on how adorable they are, it became a real challenge to choose a single image! Thankfully, Minted had this perfect collage design (in gold, no less!) which allotted me FIVE separate spots to include my favorite captures of everyone. It was perfect.

Family Holiday Cards 2016 | Ann-Marie Loves x Minted

Once I finally decided on a design (there are so many good ones to choose from!), it was super easy to fill the photos in and order the cards ASAP. My parents have been a tremendous help to me and my little family over the past year (and forever, for that matter) that the very least I could do was help them put together their Christmas cards to send to loved ones near and far.

Family Holiday Cards 2016 | Ann-Marie Loves x Minted

When the cards finally arrived, I was thrilled with how they turned out! But if we’re being honest, no one was more excited than Briar. For someone that put up such a fight against getting in front of the camera, she sure loves looking at the different photos of herself on the card — ha! Two years olds, y’all…

Family Holiday Cards 2016 | Ann-Marie Loves x Minted

If you like to the wait until the last minute (UHH, THAT WOULD BE ME), there’s still time to order your Christmas — or even better, New Years! — cards! Use the code GIFTEVENT to save 15% and be upgraded to priority shipping from now until December 20th. If I can get my two year old to cooperate, you can get your cards ordered! ;)

This post was sponsored by Minted, but all opinions, ideas, and photos are my own.

december daily 2016.

Posted on: Friday, December 9, 2016

December Daily 2016 | Ann-Marie Loves

Every time we move, I curse myself for having so many scrapbooks and craft supplies. They’re so much fun to play with but good lord, they are such a pain to move and find room for. That being said, I decided to take a more practical approach with my December Daily this year. Instead of starting a new album, I am just adding a December Daily portion to my ongoing 2016 album. I figure that this will be the easiest way for me to stick with it AND save some space in the closet. Additionally, Briar loves paging this particular album so I know this will get a lot of attention long after December passes.

Here’s the first spread:

December Daily 2016 | Ann-Marie Loves

It wouldn’t be complete unless there was a ton of color!

December Daily 2016 | Ann-Marie Loves

For the introductory page, I am using one of my all-time favorite papers from Amy Tangerine’s Oh Happy Life collection. As soon as I saw it, I put it aside for this particular project knowing that it would be the perfect palette for my version of Christmas. I also used a die cut tag, a Crate Paper pinwheel sticker that I’ve been hoarding for years, and Amy’s holiday stamps.

December Daily 2016 | Ann-Marie Loves

December Daily 2016 | Ann-Marie Loves

Instead of doing a strict daily format, I’m doing an “almost daily” format. Basically, I’m too scatterbrained at the moment to be that disciplined with documenting everyday so I’m just going to wing it and call it good ;) For this page, I used three different photos and added the “love,” “merry,” and yellow paint swipe using my Hand-Lettered Holiday Digital Brushes. I only had about an hour to pull all this together so using the brushes on my before I printed helped to bring in fun design elements without having to dig through my stash.

December Daily 2016 | Ann-Marie Loves

I woke up this morning excited to look at what I made last night. I’m eager to add more to this album! Stay tuned.



diy rosemary wreath.

Posted on: Monday, December 5, 2016

DIY Rosemary Wreath | Ann-Marie Loves

Two months into parenting two kids and I finally feel like I am hitting my stride. Sure, there’s plenty of room for improvement but the initial overwhelm has faded. I can now have everyone dressed, fed, packed, and buckled in the car and only be running about half an hour late! (ha!) I have days where I feel like I am killing it in the mom / wife / work-from-home department and I have days where all I can do is count down the minutes until John gets home and I can lock myself in the bathroom with a glass of wine. Life, right?

But for the most part, I’m feeling pretty darn good and when I feel good, I want to make stuff! Yesterday we spent the day at my parents’ house and while both babies napped, I sat outside in their backyard and whipped up a quick rosemary wreath. Here’s how I made it:

DIY Rosemary Wreath | Ann-Marie Loves

The supplies are pretty basic: lots of fresh rosemary branches, sharp scissors (or pruning shears, if you prefer), gold wire, and neon pink cording.

DIY Rosemary Wreath | Ann-Marie Loves

Gather a thick stack of rosemary branches, approximately 10 – 12 inches each.

DIY Rosemary Wreath | Ann-Marie Loves

Piece the ends of the rosemary branches together and secure the center with gold wire. (I also wrapped a long strand of gold string around the wire because I had it on hand and wanted to use it all up.)

DIY Rosemary Wreath | Ann-Marie Loves

Cut a long strand of the hot pink cording and tie it to two of the upper branches to act as the hanger. Pro tip: Make sure you choose sturdy branches near the front so that your wreath doesn’t tip too far forward or backward when it’s hung.

DIY Rosemary Wreath | Ann-Marie Loves

And now…enjoy!


Posted on: Tuesday, November 15, 2016

This is 30 | Ann-Marie Loves

Today I turn thirty. Whoa. As I’ve been reflecting back on all that happened during my twenties, I came up with a list of thirty of my favorite things from the past decade:

Becoming a mom. Biggest (and best!) challenge in my twenties, for sure.

Living in four completely different cities.

Seeing my work in print for the first time.

Feeling baby kicks. There’s nothing quite like them!

Moving to Utah on a whim and working at American Crafts. What a cool experience.

Marrying John in a DIY backyard wedding!

Learning how to meditate.

Dancing like a maniac at every wedding I attend.

Falling in love with scrapbooking and turning it into a career path.

Getting to know Briar + Landon.

Decorating a double nursery.

Listening to countless podcasts and even attending a live recording of Bitch Sesh!

Living in the snow for two winters (and deciding that I never need to live in it ever again).

Graduating college.

Instagram and Pinterest. I can’t remember life before them!

Blogging. I really, really love this creative outlet.

Going on long walks in Pasadena.

Taking a full moon chair lift ride with John in Sundance.

Long bike rides with friends.

Discovering scrapbooking. Not only has it been a fun hobby but it’s also been a career and the key to so many open doors in my life!

Spending my 29th birthday in Santa Barbara with John (my first night away from Briar!).

Bingeing on Parenthood. Best show ever.

Getting engaged in Yosemite a few days before Christmas.

Finally figuring out that photography is what I want to do with my life.

Going on a major thrifting spree for my wedding.

Honeymooning in the Pacific Northwest with my new husband and drinking allll the coffee.

Honeybee lattes at Lavender + Honey.

Having annual passes to Disneyland for almost the whole ten years.

Various workout obsessions: Tae Bo, Turbokick, spinning, and my most favorite, Zumba!

Ending the decade with realization that the grass is always greener where you water it. I can’t wait to see what my thirties have in store for me!

three years.

Posted on: Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Three Years of Marriage | Ann-Marie Loves | Photo by Katie Pritchard Photography

Photo by Katie Pritchard Photography

Today marks three years of being married to my best friend.

Marriage has been challenging and rewarding. Frustrating and wonderful. Monotonous and full of excitement. It’s all of those things rolled into one and I’m so grateful for the big and small things we’ve experienced together over the past three years (hello Briar + Landon!). Yesterday I went through all of the glassware that I collected for our wedding tablescapes and it took me on a happy little trip down memory lane. I can barely wrap my brain around the fact that we’re three years removed from that special day…it sure feels like it just happened!

Now excuse me while I put on some Al Green and reminisce about our wedding

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