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tiny prints pillow.

Posted on: Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Ann-Marie Loves + Tiny Prints Collaboration

To say that I like to experiment with my living space would be an understatement. I LOVE to experiment and play and tinker my life away with all of the big + small pieces that make this house a home. But because our budget for decor is, oh, next to nothing these days (hi, scary hospital bills.) (p.s. did you know that an epidural costs three thousand dollars? THREE THOUSAND? I mean, money well spent, but whoa there.) (p.p.s. in my next life, I’m becoming an anesthesiologist.), I have to get resourceful and only invest in pieces that will work in any room, in any season, in any home.

Case in point: the Vibrant Diamond pillow from Tiny Prints.

Ann-Marie Loves + Tiny Prints Collaboration

When Tiny Prints approached me about putting my own spin on their new customizable home decor line, I jumped at the chance. Not only am I a huge fan of their products, but having the ability to personalize them? Icing on the cake.

Ann-Marie Loves + Tiny Prints Collaboration

I decided to go with the Vibrant Diamond pillow and put my favorite phrase, “XOXO,” on it, since it would lend itself perfectly to any room in my home. Here I have it styled in our master bedroom, but you can see how it works just as well in Briar’s nursery too!

This post is sponsored by Tiny Prints, but the opinions and ideas are all my own.

dear lizzy projects.

Posted on: Wednesday, September 10, 2014

DIY Geometric Banner | Ann-Marie Loves

Before Briar arrived, I went into serious laser focus mode and cranked out as many projects as I possibly could. In fact, the night before I was induced (I didn’t know I would be induced), I stayed up late mopping the whole house, deep cleaning the kitchen sink, reorganizing the coat closet, and crossing items off my to-do list like nobody’s biz. I don’t know if I’ve ever been (or will ever be again!) so productive in my life! Now I’m thanking Pregnant Ann-Marie for plowing through those projects because lord knows that Mom-of-a-Newborn Ann-Marie considers having her coffee before 4pm a major accomplishment. But it’s all good, I promise :)

Some of my favorite projects that I managed to eke out pre-Briar were these three tutorials:

DIY Ribbon Weaving | Ann-Marie Loves

Woven Ribbon Wall Hanging. I think we all know by now that I love a good weaving project. Using ribbon instead of yarn was definitely a bit of a challenge, but with colors like those found in this ribbon set, it was well worth the extra effort!

Clothepin Wall Decor | Ann-Marie Loves

Clothespin Wall Decor. Decorating Briar’s nursery will forever be one of my all-time favorite ongoing projects. I love adding new touches here and there, so when I saw these adorable clothespins, I knew they would bring in a little playfulness to the spot above Briar’s changing table.

DIY Geometric Banner | Ann-Marie Loves

Geometric Banner. When it comes to pretty patterned paper and my Cameo, I simply cannot be stopped. I found this awesome shape designed by Amy Robison in the Silhouette store and had to give it a whirl. Now the banner hangs in my office (next to the much-asked-about bunny vase!) and makes me happy :)

i heart anthology magazine.

Posted on: Thursday, July 31, 2014

Anthology Magazine | via Ann-Marie Loves

Earlier this year, I treated myself to a subscription to my favorite print magazine, Anthology. Previously, I had always purchased the publication at Anthro, but I finally decided that receiving a copy in the mail would make reading it extra special. Turns out, I was right. My first copy arrived on Monday and I am in love.

Anthology Magazine | via Ann-Marie Loves

Like I mentioned in this episode of Elise Gets Crafty, freelancing has definite benefits, including being able to write off inspiring reads as research materials when tax season rolls around. And let me tell you, I definitely turn to this publication time and time again for creative and business inspiration!

Anthology Magazine | via Ann-Marie Loves

It’s magazines like this one that make me grateful for print, especially since my growing collection of back issues makes for a fun visual display on my living room bench. Paper, you guys. My love knows no end.

Last Day for July 2014 Stamps! | annmarielovespaper.bigcartel.com

P.S. A friendly reminder that today is the LAST DAY to purchase any of my July 2014 rubber stamps! They will be gone by midnight :)

diy custom frame mats.

Posted on: Friday, July 25, 2014

DIY Custom Frame Mats | Ann-Marie Loves

You guys, I won’t even begin to tell you how ridiculously expensive it is to have an annual pass to Disneyland. It’s beyond the point of ridiculous. But in spite of the steep price point, John and I continue to renew our passes year after year, because, well, we love it! And soon we will have another person to take along with us (for free!), so of course, we’re in too deep to quit now ;)

DIY Custom Frame Mats | Ann-Marie Loves

Last year all annual pass holders were sent a calendar booklet complete with vintage prints from all of the big attractions and something told me that I should hang on to it for future use. Well, high five to me, because when I rediscovered the booklet while cleaning out my office the other day, I knew that three of the pages would be perfect for nursery decor! The only problem was that the dimensions of the pages didn’t exactly lend themselves well to traditional frame sizes.

DIY Custom Frame Mats | Ann-Marie Loves

So, I had to get a little creative. I went through the frames that I already had on hand and realized that if I used this simple white IKEA frame and made a custom mat with my Cameo die cutting machine, I could easily accommodate the prints! Boom. That was all it took to get my wheels turning…

DIY Custom Frame Mats | Ann-Marie Loves

To make the custom mat, I measured the prints and then created a slightly smaller-sized rectangle in the Silhouette Studio software and centered it within the 8.5 x 11″ paper allotment.

DIY Custom Frame Mats | Ann-Marie Loves
DIY Custom Frame Mats | Ann-Marie Loves

Once the mats were cut out, I turned the prints over and adhered them to the backs of each mat using scotch tape (washi tape would probably work well too!). Then I popped each print into the frame and mapped out where I wanted to hang them on the wall.

DIY Custom Frame Mats | Ann-Marie Loves

Initially, I was reluctant to hang anything above the crib given the high likelihood of earthquakes, but I managed to find a few workarounds. First of all, these frames are super light and the covers are made of plastic, not glass. Secondly, I pulled the crib away from the wall so that should the prints fall, they won’t come in contact with the baby. And thirdly, I wreak more havoc simply by running my clumsy body into things than any earthquake could ever cause, so maybe I’m the one who needs to be baby-proofed? HA!

workspace wednesday | makeshift photo studio.

Posted on: Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Creating a Makeshift Photo Studio | Ann-Marie Loves

Aside from the fact that I love clean-lined white furniture, a big part of the reason that I wanted this dresser for the office / nursery was because I knew it would make the perfect makeshift “photo studio.”

Creating a Makeshift Photo Studio | Ann-Marie Loves

Given the dresser’s close proximity to the window and the fact that it’s so easy for me to clear an open space by removing the changing pad, I’m positive that even after the baby arrives and starts napping in her crib, I’ll be able to quickly and easily utilize this space for all kinds of photography purposes. (P.S. How ridiculously cute are those hand-knitted teddy bears? $0.79 each at the thrift store…!)

Creating a Makeshift Photo Studio | Ann-Marie Loves

I’m a big believer in making use of what you have! There’s no need to invest in fancy studio equipment as long as you have access to a clean white surface and plentiful natural light. And even though I hate the look of those terrible vertical blinds that came with our apartment, I love that they allow me to control the amount of light entering the room so I can photograph at all different times of day. #silverlining

Creating a Makeshift Photo Studio | Ann-Marie Loves

Of course, my only problem right now is the giant bump that seems to photobomb all of my overhead shots – ha!

P.S. You can read so much more about my tips for creating eye-catching compositions and taking blog-worthy photographs in my e-course Styling | Shooting | Sharing!

that nesting instinct, though.

Posted on: Thursday, July 10, 2014

Nesting | Ann-Marie Loves

These last few weeks definitely feel like crunch time as I try to wrap up work projects, make sure we have everything for the baby’s arrival, and most excitingly, deep clean this whole house into oblivion. The nesting instinct is NO JOKE, you guys. I wish I could bottle it up and save it for a rainy day…it’s the stuff of dreams.

Yesterday I dedicated most of the day to reorganizing the linen closet (finally found a place to store extra diapers!), the bathroom cupboards, and a few drawers in the office. I like my days to feel busy and productive, because like I mentioned before, our bedroom gets insanely hot at night and when it’s insanely hot, I turn into a bit of an insomniac. Ay papi. But don’t worry…I’m really not working THAT hard. I stop every so often to chug a glass of water, rest my super-puffy feet, and revel in baby hiccups (because my goodness if that isn’t the cutest experience of my life).

As I check off more and more items from our giant to-do list each day, the realization that a tiny little gal will be coming to live with us in a matter of weeks is blowing my mind.

P.S. Tomorrow is the last day to take advantage of my 37% off sale on e-courses and printables using the discount code: THIRTYSEVEN :)

nursery progress.

Posted on: Thursday, June 26, 2014

My apologies for the radio silence yesterday. I had grand plans of photographing a few projects and drafting some blog posts on Tuesday, but all of that was derailed when I found out my dog needed to be put down. Needless to say, Tuesday was spent at home with my family, bawling my eyes out. I always try to keep this blog positive and upbeat, but man, this year has been TOUGH. We’ve had four deaths of loved ones (two humans, two animals) in just four short months and it’s hard to put a positive spin on any of those losses. I keep thinking of that quote by Zora Neale Hurston: “There are years that ask questions and years that answer” and I’m thinking 2014 just might be another year of questions. xo

Dresser in the Nursery | Ann-Marie Loves

As I’m quickly beginning to realize, this baby could come anytime. Like, ANYTIME. Ideally, I’d like her to stay put until 40 (or heck, even 41!) weeks, but should she have other plans, I want to 100% ready. Maybe not in the parenting sense, but definitely in the decorating sense ;)

Since her room is part nursery / part office, I wanted to make sure that the parts that belong to the baby really make a statement. The white dresser and shelves were purchased at IKEA and help act as a great minimalist canvas for the rest of the decor. I should also note that instead of a cloth changing pad, I decided to go with a foam version that will (hopefully!) lighten our laundry load the slightest bit.  Plus, it was half the price of the Giggle version that I originally had my eye on AND it came in my favorite color. Thumbs up.

Dresser in the Nursery | Ann-Marie Loves
Dresser in the Nursery | Ann-Marie Loves

The shelves are an ever-changing mix of books, photos, plants, and adorable baby sunglasses…!

Dresser in the Nursery | Ann-Marie Loves

I think it goes without saying that this kid would get a woven wall hanging in her room, right?

Dresser in the Nursery | Ann-Marie Loves

Some baby accessories are just too cute not to display. These teeny tiny gold sandals and heart hair clip make me smile every time I look at them!

Dresser in the Nursery | Ann-Marie Loves

There was some awkward open space between the shelves and the dresser, so I decided to loosely tape up a couple of my favorite wedding photos and my second baby shower invitation. I figure she will eventually be able to rip them off the wall, but in the meantime? They’re staying put.

Dresser in the Nursery | Ann-Marie Loves

I thrifted this basket a few months back thinking that it would be plenty big for all of the baby books I’ve collected / been gifted. Yeah, I was wrong. This baby has more books than I do. Now I’m on the hunt for a bigger basket…

Dresser in the Nursery | Ann-Marie Loves
Dresser in the Nursery | Ann-Marie Loves

One of my favorite baby shower gifts was the round brass wall hook from Anthro. I never would have thought to add it to my registry, but I think that’s part of the reason I love it so much! I decided to use it as a hook for hanging a simple yarn tassel mobile over the changing pad.

Dresser in the Nursery | Ann-Marie Loves

I had maternity photos taken in the nursery last Friday and have already changed up a few decor elements…I don’t see myself ever being finished with this space!

P.S. Don’t forget that tomorrow (June 27th) is the last day to stock up on rubber stamps before I retire them :)

three design tips + guest interview.

Posted on: Monday, June 9, 2014

Ann-Marie Loves

Happy Monday! Today I thought I would share three of my best tips for home design from my guest interview on the Pepper Design Blog:

1. Try thrifting. I realize that not everyone is keen on secondhand goods, but there are so many treasures to be had if you’re willing to roll up your sleeves and dig in! I frequent my favorite local thrift stores a few times a week and sometimes I walk out empty-handed while other times I can barely fit all my finds through the door. I never know what to expect and that’s half of the fun! (P.S. more thrifting tips found here!)

2. Stay inspired. I think the key to producing good work and broadening your creative horizons is to know what inspires you and return to that source time and time again.

3. Don’t be afraid to experiment. With the exception of a few home design projects (major renovations, knocking down walls, etc), decorating should always be approached with a sense of experimentation and playfulness. Since our personal styles are constantly evolving with the changing seasons, why not let our homes be a reflection of that growth? If you find that a room or a design is no longer working for you, mix it up! A change of scenery can do WONDERS.

You can read the rest of the interview right here!

hanging wedding photos.

Posted on: Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Hanging Wedding Photos | Ann-Marie Loves

I’m so happy I got married when I did. Not just because John and I were both in a great place with our relationship and our professional lives, but because photography is JUST SO AWESOME these days.

I love that our amazing photographer, Katie Pritchard, was able to share a sneak peek with us the day after our wedding. I love that we had a full hashtag of Instagram photos that our guests contributed to during our celebration. I love that I have been able to easily blog and share different images that tell our story. I love that a simple picture conveyed a BIG message this past Christmas. And now, I love that I have finally printed out three of our favorite shots from the big day and hung them in our home.

Hanging Wedding Photos | Ann-Marie Loves

On Friday afternoon (at rush hour, of course), I got the urge to jump in the car and drive over to IKEA to buy a few things for the house. While I was there, I picked up three white frames and a handful of other super necessary (unnecessary) items. What is it about impromptu IKEA trips that fill my heart with my delight?

Hanging Wedding Photos | Ann-Marie Loves

When I got home, I sat down with John and we chose our three favorite photos from our wedding that we knew would look great grouped together as a series. Then, I resized them in Photoshop, printed them out on glossy photo paper using my plain old HP Photosmart printer, and popped them into the frames! I put John in charge of the hanging process, because eventually we would like to be able to move out of this place without having to pay for 4,000 holes in the wall ;)

Next step: design a wedding album!

nursery wall hanging.

Posted on: Friday, May 16, 2014

Nursery Wall Hanging | Ann-Marie Loves

In my never-ending quest for nursery inspiration, I recently stumbled upon this impossibly cute room tour. The first thing that drew me in was the impeccable styling and color usage, but what ultimately stuck with me was the mom’s theory on decorating a room for little ones:

“I keep redecorating and changing their rooms. I see it as a never ending challenge and a good reason to keep on looking for new and fun things for the girls.”

Ahh, I love that. I’ve been putting an awful lot of pressure on myself to get this room “right” the first time. (Something about having a baby makes everything feel more “final.”) But the truth is, I’ll never stop decorating and redecorating, especially since we don’t plan on living in this apartment for more than another year or two. There will be plenty of opportunities for my style (and hers!) to grow and evolve over the coming years. Thinking of the nursery as an ongoing project vs. an item I have to cross off my to-do list, is so much more freeing and inspiring!

Nursery Wall Hanging | Ann-Marie Loves

So in the spirit of decorating however I want to in this exact moment, I decided to make yet another yarn project and create a simple wall hanging above the glider. Much like the card I made last week, I used this awesome tutorial as my jumping off point to pair a stick and a skein of thrifted yarn together.

Nursery Wall Hanging | Ann-Marie Loves

The whole process took a little over an hour and cost less than three dollars. Just how I like my DIY projects!

Nursery Wall Hanging | Ann-Marie Loves

I’m still undecided as to whether I want to hang anything on the wall space directly over the crib. Since we live in earthquake territory, there’s no way I’m going to suspend something heavy or sharp over a sleeping baby (or sleeping adult, for that matter), but I have been contemplating a few paper projects that might look cool.

In the meantime, I’m going let my ideas percolate for a bit. There’s no rush, right? ;)


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