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our 2015 holiday cards.

Posted on: Monday, December 14, 2015

Gold Brushed Holiday Cards | Ann-Marie Loves + Pear Tree Greetings

With Christmas fast approaching, I knew I wanted to get holiday cards but I also knew that we needed an updated family photo. As much as I would have LOVED to have had one of my favorite photographers capture us in the finest light, there was simply no more time left to get it done. Enter: the camera self timer.

John was fighting off a bad cold, Briar was desperate to jump out of my arms and roll in the dirt, and I had to change my shirt twice, BUT WE MADE IT HAPPEN. I got a great family photo (plus a few more gems!) and my dream of sending out holiday cards in 2015 was actually made feasible. Small victories, people.

Gold Brushed Holiday Cards | Ann-Marie Loves + Pear Tree Greetings
This year I partnered with Pear Tree Greetings and chose a brushed gold style holiday card from Genevieve Gorder’s collection (P.S. I love her). My love affair with a gold is showing no signs of stopping plus I love the simple design.

Gold Brushed Holiday Cards | Ann-Marie Loves + Pear Tree Greetings

These cards are so thick! I’m obsessed with sturdy paper goods and these totally fit the bill.

Gold Brushed Holiday Cards | Ann-Marie Loves + Pear Tree Greetings

On the back, I took a single photo slot and turned it into two images with a little Photoshop magic. I like to bend the rules, what can I say? ;) I hope you are having a wonderful holiday season and receiving lots of happy mail!

diy baby pilgrim hats.

Posted on: Wednesday, December 2, 2015

DIY Pilgrim Hats | Thanksgiving | Ann-Marie Loves

A good friend (and mama of three!) once told me that when it came to deciding on how many kids to have, you should imagine how you want your Thanksgivings to look when your children are grown. Do you want a full + lively table or a small + quiet dinner? I think about this all the time as I handle the daily minutia of raising an energetic little one. As difficult as bringing up kids can be, I love the idea of a Parenthood-style family seated around my table during the holidays. I mean, is it too late for the Bravermans to adopt me?

DIY Pilgrim Hats | Thanksgiving | Ann-Marie Loves

Even though I only have one baby at the moment, I still want to make each Thanksgiving as special as possible. This year, I decided to make super simple baby pilgrim hats for Briar and her cousin Luna. I saw the DIY tutorial on Say Yes a few days before the holiday and knew it was exactly what I had the time and the creative energy for. The night before Thanksgiving I ran to the craft store to pick up a few sheets of cream-colored felt, hot glue, and a spool of hot pink ribbon. When I got home, I took a rough measurement of Briar’s head (meaning I didn’t measure at all) and then used the tutorial to quickly whip up two pilgrim hats just in time for the big day! It took a little convincing to keep the hats on the babes’ heads, but it sure made for a fun photo shoot!

Now I just need a couple more baby pilgrims in my life and my future Thanksgivings will be set.

halloween 2015.

Posted on: Monday, November 2, 2015

Halloween 2015 | Baby Robot Costume | Ann-Marie Loves

Truth be told, I’ve never been much for Halloween (truth also be told, I am very much for Kit Kats). But now that I have a little one to dress up and celebrate this holiday with, it’s such a fun experience! John has always been a big fan of Halloween, so I relinquish all traditions + costuming responsibilities to him. This year, he decided that Briar would be a robot! Admittedly I was a little perplexed as to how this was going to work since I tend to think of robots as an older kid costume, but John totally nailed it (as usual). He took a long sleeve gray top and leggings from Target and transformed them into robot attire with pompoms, puffy paints, duct tape, twine, enamel dots, buttons, and a little help from my Cameo.

Halloween 2015 | Baby Robot Costume | Ann-Marie Loves
Halloween 2015 | Baby Robot Costume | Ann-Marie Loves
Halloween 2015 | Baby Robot Costume | Ann-Marie LovesSo cute, right? UGH, this girl kills me! The back of her shirt says “Briar Bot” and was cut out of a sheet of duct tape using my trusty old Cameo (forever getting my money’s worth out of that machine!). Since Briar simply refused to nap all day long, she was pretty tired by the time it got dark, so we only went trick or treating to both sets of grandparents’ respective houses. It was just enough for her to fill her pumpkin with treats and get lots of love and attention from her favorite people.

Halloween 2015 | Baby Robot Costume | Ann-Marie Loves

As for me and John, we decided to be each other! Oh em gee, I laughed so hard over some of my mannerisms and sayings that John picked up on and happily acted out for me while in his “Ann-Marie” costume (“So I was listening to this podcast…”). Plus, seeing him in a blonde wig and a poncho cracked me up! To get into my “John” costume, I just painted on some facial hair using black eyeliner and dark brown eyeshadow, tucked my hair under his hat, put on his clothes, and acted super annoyed anytime someone suggested that we take a photo (ha!). All in all, it was the perfect Halloween. Hope yours was wonderful, too!

pumpkin patch at underwood farms.

Posted on: Monday, October 19, 2015

Pumpkin Patch at Underwood Farms | Ann-Marie Espinoza Photography

This past weekend we ventured out to Moorpark and visited the amazing pumpkin patch at Underwood Farms. I had a feeling that Briar would enjoy it a lot more this year at the age of fourteen months than she did last year at two months (obvious statement?), but I had no idea how much more I would enjoy it, too! Since the farm is humongous, there were plenty of things to do and it was a blast seeing it all through Briar’s eyes! She and her cousin Luna were especially fond of grabbing fistfuls of hay, which they passed back and forth to each other (ha!). My favorite part was definitely the tractor ride around the farm at dusk. Not only was the sunset lighting PERFECT, but the sweater-worthy weather and the cool breeze made it feel like our first real taste of fall this season…exactly how I like my pumpkin patch experiences.

Pumpkin Patch at Underwood Farms | Ann-Marie Espinoza Photography
Pumpkin Patch at Underwood Farms | Ann-Marie Espinoza Photography

Her little baby chambray shoes paired with those chubby legs. I can’t even.

Pumpkin Patch at Underwood Farms | Ann-Marie Espinoza Photography
Pumpkin Patch at Underwood Farms | Ann-Marie Espinoza Photography
Pumpkin Patch at Underwood Farms | Ann-Marie Espinoza Photography
Pumpkin Patch at Underwood Farms | Ann-Marie Espinoza Photography
Pumpkin Patch at Underwood Farms | Ann-Marie Espinoza Photography
Pumpkin Patch at Underwood Farms | Ann-Marie Espinoza Photography
Pumpkin Patch at Underwood Farms | Ann-Marie Espinoza Photography
Pumpkin Patch at Underwood Farms | Ann-Marie Espinoza Photography
Pumpkin Patch at Underwood Farms | Ann-Marie Espinoza Photography
Pumpkin Patch at Underwood Farms | Ann-Marie Espinoza Photography
Pumpkin Patch at Underwood Farms | Ann-Marie Espinoza Photography
Pumpkin Patch at Underwood Farms | Ann-Marie Espinoza Photography
Pumpkin Patch at Underwood Farms | Ann-Marie Espinoza Photography

Here’s a little pumpkin patch #tbt for you: Briar and Luna at fourteen and thirteen months, respectively (above), and Briar and Luna at two months and one month, respectively (below). HOLY MOLY, TIME IS FLYING.

Pumpkin Patch at Underwood Farms | Ann-Marie Espinoza Photography

P.S. Our visit to Underwood this past summer!

valentine’s cards using digital brushes.

Posted on: Friday, February 13, 2015

Simple Valentines Cards Using Digital Brushes + Free Download! | Ann-Marie Loves

Valentine’s Day has always been a favorite of mine, significant other or not. I love the candy (heart-shaped Sweet Tarts, what what!), I love that everything is pink + red, and I love love love the paper goods. Since I am big on ideas but short on free time these days, I decided to go as simple as possible with my V-Day cards. Less is most definitely more.

Simple Valentines Cards Using Digital Brushes + Free Download! | Ann-Marie Loves

Thanks to Photoshop, I was able to take a recent photo of Briar, make it pink, and add a few phrases (that I turned into digital brushes!) to pull it all together. Then I printed them out, sliced them up, and glued the fronts to the backs…all before Briar woke up from her nap. Bingo bango bongo.

Simple Valentines Cards Using Digital Brushes + Free Download! | Ann-Marie Loves

Simple Valentines Cards Using Digital Brushes + Free Download! | Ann-Marie Loves

If you enjoy a good eleventh hour holiday crafting sesh like myself, feel free to download these digital brushes for yourself! Happy love day, everyone!

P.S. Other holiday digital brushes found here!

hello 2015.

Posted on: Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Hello 2015 | Ann-Marie Loves

The more years I see, the more I realize that I can’t put a blanket statement on any particular year. Or anything, really. (Except cookie dough. I am ALWAYS down for cookie dough.) Each year is filled with it’s own share of victories and losses that help to mold you into your future self. But if I’m being honest, 2014 was a DOOZY. It was more powerful and life changing and terrifying than I ever could have predicted. I don’t think I’ve ever been more stressed out in my life. Needless to say, I’m happy to put it in the past (insert peace sign emoji here).

My families rang in the new year in a beautiful home in Cambria overlooking the Pacific Ocean…all while the majority of the group battled various flu symptoms (I’m sure there’s a metaphor in there somewhere). Despite our rocky entrance into 2015, I’m already feeling a sense of lightness and peace for the new year. There are big life changes on the horizon, but my main focus for 2015 is to stop and  savor the little things that make life so wonderful. I spent way too much of last year in a state of panic over the unknown that I often lost sight of all the amazing things that were actually happening. This year, I have grand plans of enjoying craft coffee everyday, taking tons of Zumba classes, finding any and every excuse to meet up with friends, allowing others to help me, taking more photos, sleeping in if it feels good, working on more “just for fun” projects, and getting down on the floor and playing with my baby as often as possible. Ever since Christmas, Briar has been hitting milestones left and right (rolling all over, grabbing at everything, sitting up) and it’s been a huge wakeup call for me to enjoy each and every moment, not just of her life, but of mine as well.

It’s gonna be a good one. I can feel it.

gift guide for the crafty.

Posted on: Monday, December 22, 2014

Crafter's Holiday Gift Guide | Ann-Marie Loves

01. Gold Stapler // Staplers may not seem like a crafting essential, but I assure you…mine gets quite a workout on the regular. I’m in love with this gold stapler by Nate Berkus.

02. PaperMate Flair Felt Tip Pens // When it comes to writing utensils, there is nothing that beats these felt tips. I use them for everything from list-making to scrapbooking to writing letters. They’re my absolute favorite and they come in a ton of fun colors!

03. Gold Scissors // I can’t think of too many crafts that don’t require a good pair of scissors. This gold version is not only perfect for getting the job done but it’s just begging to be Instagrammed!

04. Solid Adhesive Runner // When I used to teach classes and host craft demos, it didn’t matter how awesome the project was…the tape runners would inevitably become the star of the show! Ha! People love the ease and simplicity of a good tape runner (myself included!).

05. Fiskars 12 Inch ProCision Rotary Bypass Trimmer // If paper is your idea of a good time then I highly recommend investing in a solid trimmer. This version is a total workhorse (I used it for all of my wedding projects!) and a steal of a deal compared to other heavy duty models.

06. Knitting by Design // I am a HUGE fan of craft books that not only feature projects I want to make but have inspiring styling and well-designed layouts. Similar books worth mentioning: Playful and Lena Corwin’s Made by Hand.

07. Jet Black Ink Pad // As someone who digs rubber stamps, I’ve experimented with many an ink pad in my time. This version by Ranger is juicy, vibrant, and qucik-drying (aka PERFECT).

08. Martha Stewart Knit and Weave Loom Kit // If there’s one product I’ve gotten way more than my money’s worth out of, it’s this loom. 2014 was the year I became obsessed with weaving (as you may have noticed) and it’s due in a large part to this incredibly easy-to-use kit.

09. Lion Brand Yarn // I’ve become a major yarn hoarder these past several months. I am now forever on the lookout for beautiful yarn in all different colors, textures, and gauges. This hot pink number by Lion Brand is perfect for whipping up a quick tassel, pom pom, blanket, or — you guessed it — woven wall hanging.

In case you missed my other gift guides, here’s one for infants and one for guys! Happy last minute shopping!

briar’s infant gift guide.

Posted on: Friday, December 19, 2014

If Briar could talk, here’s what she would ask for for Christmas:

Infant Holiday Gift Guide | Ann-Marie Loves

01. Plan Toys Happy Puppy // Until we get Briar a real pet, this puppy will hopefully be a good substitute.

02. Munchkin Fun Ice Ring Teether // Since everything goes in Briar’s mouth these days, she might as well get a little teething relief.

03. Minnetonka Fringe Bootie // Sure, Briar can’t walk yet, but in a few months, we’ll need cute shoes for her little feet! Plus, these match the mama-sized pair that I have on my own holiday wish list ;)

04. Infantino Carrier Cover // As Briar’s gotten bigger, I’ve been favoring the Ergo more than the wrap, so this carrier cover would be perfect for keeping my little babe nice + toasty during these frigid (ha!) California months.

05. Graco Bumper Jumper // It’s hard to believe Briar is already able to (mostly) control her movements…I mean, wasn’t she just a spastic newborn yesterday? I’m hoping she will gets lots and lots of joy (and good exercise!) out of this doorway jumper.

06. Pink Piano // Am I asking for incessant loud noise with this piano? Quite possibly! But have you ever seen anything cuter?! Briar so needs this.

07. California Baby Lotion // I’ve been a California Baby fan since the day Briar took her first bath, so as the air gets colder and drier, I’ll be turning to this lotion more and more!

08. Boon Dive Bath Tub Appliques // Briar loves her baths almost as much as she loves her bath toys. These will be so fun when she moves to the big tub.

09. Crewcuts Long-Sleeved Skirted Onesie // Briar has the sleeveless version of this super chic striped onesie, but as babies do, she’s already outgrowing it. This long sleeved option in a size she can fit into months from now would be perfect!

easiest christmas card ever.

Posted on: Thursday, December 18, 2014

Holiday Cards Made with Digital Brushes | Ann-Marie Loves

Given the fact that I just had Briar’s birth announcements made a few weeks ago (did you know I had a baby?), the idea of designing, printing, addressing, and shipping Christmas cards felt like an insurmountable task. But! As I was experimenting with gift tag ideas using my new digital brushes, I realized that it would be SO SIMPLE for me to bust out a quick holiday card design. Beyond simple, actually.

Holiday Cards Made with Digital Brushes | Ann-Marie Loves

I started by dragging one of my favorite Instagram photos into Photoshop. Since it was already cropped nicely into a square, I left it as is.

Holiday Cards Made with Digital Brushes | Ann-Marie Loves

Then I chose the “happy holidays” brush and stamped it on the center of the photo. Next, I added a text layer with the words “Love, The Espinozas” to finish it off. Three steps and I was done.

I decided that I would make just enough copies for our immediate families (knowing that they would appreciate a Briar pic more than anyone else), so I grabbed some photo paper and printed them out at home. So easy. So fast.

(If you have any questions about how to use my digital brushes, let me know!)

as of late | december edition.

Posted on: Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Ann-Marie Espinoza Photography

Going on Day 9 with a cold that just won’t quit. There’s only so much I can do to keep Briar safe from my germs (read: there’s pretty much nothing I can do), so I’m keeping my fingers crossed that she walks away unscathed!

Hooked on Marry Me. That Casey Wilson can do no wrong in my book.

Loving that Rachel Bilson named her daughter Briar, too! I feel oddly validated, like “See! It is a real name!”

Getting excited about my family’s upcoming trip to Cambria. I can’t wait to roadtrip and drink Scout Coffee and bundle my babe up in cold weather clothes, like this sherpa bear suit…!

Stamping this stamp on everything in sight this month. ‘Tis the season!

Dying over Lay Baby Lay. It is one incredible blog, jam-packed with baby, craft, and home design inspiration. (What blogs are you loving these days?)

Digging the branding + the styling behind this new sling wrap biz. I’m telling you, good design goes a long way.

Trying hard to come up with a holiday wish list but I’m struggling! There are really only three things I want: stylish yet comfy booties, a new fedora, and a craft coffee subscription. (Wait, am I a hipster?)

Thinking back on 2014 and deciding that it was NOT my favorite year. Not by a looooong shot. However! It was the year that my daughter made her debut, so despite the many uphill battles it held, it will forever hold a tiny soft spot in my heart.

Making pumpkin chocolate chip cookies. I’m the only one that likes pumpkin in this house so I get them all to myself. For better or worse ;)

Feeling a little blue + overwhelmed for no particular reason these days, but I’m finding relief in afternoon walks, listening to music at home, and basking in the glow of the Christmas tree every night (bonus points if it’s with a baby in my lap).

Listening to Serial every Thursday. You were right, guys…it is good! (I found this article to be super interesting.)

Thanking the powers that be for inventing baby play mats. I can plop Briar on her mat for a huge chunk of time and not feel guilty because she is moving and grooving and learning and enjoying herself (all while Mama Bear sneaks in some work ;)).

Speaking of baby products, I spent a good chunk of time in the baby food + supplies aisle of Target yesterday. My four month old is now eating real food (well, if that’s what rice cereal is?) and I had to find some colorful spoons to celebrate the occasion.

Dreaming of what I want 2015 to be like and three goals come to mind: build a photography business, partner with an awesome company to design baby / mama products, and try something new with my shop

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