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turning anthropologie bags into envelopes.

Posted on: Monday, December 3, 2012

I don’t know if it’s my “recycle, reduce, reuse” California upbringing (anyone else remember that song??) or if it’s simply my personal inclination to hoard anything made from a tree, but the thought of throwing away something that can easily be repurposed pains me. Especially anything from Anthropologie. (Have you ever watched an Anthro employee wrap a gift with the quintessential brown tissue paper + that giant washi tape dispenser? It is a true delight, my friends.) The other day while I was organizing all my various packaging supplies, I realized that the paper quality of an Anthro bag would be perfect for creating envelopes!

Turning Anthropologie Bags into Envelopes | Ann-Marie Loves Paper
Turning Anthropologie Bags into Envelopes | Ann-Marie Loves Paper
Turning Anthropologie Bags into Envelopes | Ann-Marie Loves Paper

The process of turning a paper bag into an envelope is as basic as you would imagine. First, I cut out one side of the bag (the side that doesn’t fold up) and turned it over to the backside. Using a 4-bar Paper Source envelope template as my guide, I traced the shape with a pencil and then cut it out by hand. Next, I folded up all the flaps, adhered with a tape runner, and applied a liberal amount of washi tape. Done and done!

Tis the season to repurpose!


holiday cards 2011.

Posted on: Friday, November 30, 2012

While designing this year’s holiday cards, I realized I never shared the ones I made for last year! So here they are:

2011 Holiday Cards | Ann-Marie Loves Paper
Holiday Cards 2011  | Ann-Marie Loves Paper
Holiday Cards 2011 | Ann-Marie Loves Paper

Lots of Crate Paper, kraft cardstock + a few custom stamps = happy 2011! While I was thrilled with how they turned out (nothing better than a fat stack of handmade cards!), I had no idea how long the process would take. It took FOR-E-VER. But as we all know, I totally live for this stuff, so I was more than happy to spend hours and hours cranking them out.

My 2012 cards are slightly less involved (I learned my lesson!), but still handmade – I can’t wait to show you!


Martha Stewart Medium Double Punch – Nordic Snowflake // Crate Paper Paper Pad 12 Inch X12 Inch Heart // American Crafts Textured Cardstock 12X12 – Kraft Kraft // American Crafts Precision Pen 5-Pack, All Sizes, Black // Fiskars Squeeze Punch X-Large, Round ‘n Round // Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas Stamp // Kindly Send To Stamp

new shop packaging.

Posted on: Monday, November 19, 2012

I probably should have just named my little business “Forever Rebranding” because as it turns out, that would be quite a fitting title.

It seems like every other month, I get the urge to change things up just a little bit. Before I know it (usually around 2am), I’ve ordered several hundred new business cards, purchased a ton of kraft bags + designed a giant thank you note stamp. What can I say, I love packaging! In fact, packing orders is probably my favorite part of the whole process – I live for this crap, you guys (;

So here are my latest and most favorite designs to date. Knowing me, the next rebrand is just around the corner! (Kidding! #butnotreally)


felt envelope.

Posted on: Monday, October 22, 2012

Last Friday I saw this pin pop up in my Pinterest feed and within a half hour, I was rifling through the felts + fleece at Joann’s.

I didn’t follow the actual instructions that the source of the pin provided. Instead, I used my Paper Source envelope + liner templates, along with a little hot glue, a pencil for tracing, and some sharp fabric scissors. The bow was a quick + easy embellishment to make as well. All I did was fan-fold the fabric over itself a few times, pinched the center together with my fingers to create a bow shape, and then secured it with a thin strip of hot pink fleece. It was so much fun to make, but really, the best part of the process was giving it to someone whom I knew would appreciate it.

I’ve heard that many people are completely overwhelmed by Pinterest and can only handle it in small doses. I totally see where they are coming from (that’s how I feel about Facebook). But for me, it’s god’s gift to the interwebs. I can binge on it for hours at a time. And I do. Often. I don’t view it as a place to compete with other bloggers/crafters/makers. I also don’t use it as a place to promote myself (although it’s always a thrill when I see one of my own designs being pinned by others!). I simply see it as a much better alternative to saving all those photos on my desktop. That’s so 2009.


baby love.

Posted on: Saturday, October 6, 2012

It seems as though there are babies, babies, and more babies cropping up everywhere I look these days! I don’t know where they’re coming from, but I do know this: Baby Gap makes the most stylish miniature clothing I’ve ever seen. There are so many things in that store that I want in my size! I freaking love Gap. I also love making cards (smooth transition) for said babies who get to wear said clothes. Enough said.

For this seemingly simple card, I used my Cameo, Illustrator + my printer. It took an embarrassing amount of time, but it was worth every single minute. I love putting together fun packages, even when they’re for those too young to appreciate anything other than how the paper tastes. So Makenna, I hope this card tastes like chocolate and you have the best first birthday any one year old could ever dream of!


invitations to die for.

Posted on: Friday, September 28, 2012

Last weekend I was able to spend quality time with one of my best friends (who lives in Hawaii!) and help her assemble her amazing wedding invitations until the wee hours of the morning. Not only did Jaymee design every last detail herself, but she had the invitations letterpressed by PressHaus and the envelopes addressed by Molly Jacques! Needless to say, she brought out the big guns. Plus, she told me that I don’t have to send in my reply card, knowing full-well that it would pain me to relinquish such a gorgeous piece of paper! Ha! I love that girl.

If this is just a taste of what’s to come, then I can’t wait for the wedding! The grammin’ opportunities will be PRIME (;


dreaming of winter.

Posted on: Saturday, August 18, 2012

Okay, so maybe I’m not really dreaming of winter per se, but this kind of weather (read: HOT) has me desperately longing for colder days.

Not Antarctican days, but definitely boots + scarves kind of days. The kind of days where you don’t wake up sweating and can actually stand to drink your coffee without throwing in ten ice cubes right off the bat (oh, that’s just me? hmm…).

So when I saw this stamp set from Ink + Wit a few weeks back, I knew I had to have it. Hello 2012 holiday cards!

A little planning (four months) ahead never hurt anyone (;


rebranding: business cards.

Posted on: Monday, August 13, 2012

And the rebranding continues!

Here’s how I recently changed up my business cards:

I can’t say enough about how much I love using stamps for branding (obvious statement? ha!). For minimal investment, I can change up my business cards as often as I wish.

This latest batch was made with gold and aqua pigment inks from American Crafts (they’re super juicy and saturated). I hate to admit it, but I’m a little bit obsessed (;

One of these days, I want to try embossing my business cards! Maybe next month…


rebranding: thank you notes.

Posted on: Sunday, August 12, 2012

Change is good.

Change is necessary.

Change is also super easy to make happen when there are stamps involved.

Every couple of months or so, I like to “rebrand” my packaging a little bit. Order a few new custom stamps. Make some new business cards. Incorporate a little hot pink posterboard and neon yellow washi tape. You know, all the usual suspects. Here’s how I recently revamped the thank you notes that I place in every order:

A little happy mail goes a long way.

P.S. I added a few new stamps to my shop, including the “Hello There!” that you see above! (:


packaging: diy envelope liners

Posted on: Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Happy Tuesday! I’m writing this blog post from Newport Beach and am loving the change of scenery! I can’t wait to get outside and take a walk around the bay, but before I do, I want to share a little packaging tutorial on how I customize envelope liners.

First of all, lining envelopes is not only a fun surprise for the recipient when they open the package, but it’s also a great way to use rolled sheets of paper! I have a huge collection of rolled paper that has a tendency to collect dust simply because it is so unruly to work with. Well, no more excuses…it’s time to use my stash!

Here I’m using an A6 kraft envelope from Xpedx and hot pink patterned paper from Egg Press. I cut the paper down as small as possible to make it easier to trace and cut.

Since my Paper Source liner template is designed for triangle-flap envelopes, I made a little pencil mark on the template where my kraft envelope will end. This comes in handy when I go to cut my paper down to size. (If you don’t have liner templates, you could easily make them yourself with a heavy piece of cardstock or a manila folder.)

Lay the liner template on the backside of the patterned paper and trace just the bottom rectangle portion (not the flap).

Next, flip the template upside down and trace the upper portion of the paper (again, not the flap), using the first set of pencil lines as your guide. From there, cut along the pencil lines to remove the excess paper.

After I’ve cut out the patterned paper, I place it in the envelope and make light pencil marks to indicate the slight angling of the flap. (Personally, I avoid measuring at all costs and eyeball everything, but feel free to measure out the angle if you prefer exact proportions.) Once I make the pencil lines, I cut away the excess paper.

Tuck the liner into the envelope and position as you would like. Then add a little bit of adhesive to the portion of the liner that will be on the flap. That’s it! No need to adhere the whole entire sheet.

For an additional element of surprise, I stamped a phrase atop a strip of orange washi tape and stuck it just below the envelope opening. (This is covered by the flap when it’s closed.) The striped teal washi tape wraps around both the front and back of the envelope.

Both the front and back of the envelope are adorned with Paper Source labels (unfortunately no longer in stock) and embellished with my stamps. (You can find the “Cheers” stamp here).

Ta-da! Now stick a handmade card in there and send it to someone special!


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